Stridely Delivers Superior Oracle CPQ Cloud Services

Oracle CPQ or Configure, Price, Quote is a cloud-based module that assists sellers and distributors to configure the correct mix of services and products which generates accurate specialized quotes that can swiftly meet their consumers’ pricing needs.
Oracle CPQ can help you meet your customers’ pricing requirements. Oracle CPQ walks you through the process of inputting a well-designed and fully documented purchase order, allowing you to speed up the sales process and determine which offers have the best chance of completing.
We at Stridely have assisted numerous enterprises like yours in overcoming similar challenges, expediting Oracle CPQ implementation, and allowing our customers to be more flexible and competitive.

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Four Benefits of selecting Stridely to meet your CPQ needs

Customizable to Satisfy Business Requirements

Grow your business wisely, keeping quotations accurate and safe as you add more employees and items. Oracle CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a cloud-based solution that scales with your business to manage big, complicated quotations, orders, and configurations. Oracle CPQ, which is designed to integrate the front- and back office, may be quickly adopted by sales teams, partners, and users to provide an intuitive and responsive customer experience. Stridely has a team of dedicated experts who have years of on-field knowledge. They are proficient in understanding business requirements and providing customized solutions.


Predictable frequent Income Strategies

Oracle CPQ works well with Oracle Subscription Management to provide strong subscription ordering functionality. Simple configuration and management of complicated subscription annuities, software licensing contracts, support agreements, and renewals with end dates and prorated prices. With Oracle CPQ, you can use your existing investments to offer subscription ordering and administration natively.


Connected for a Complete 360-Degree  Client View

Oracle CPQ integrates customer data from your CRM and ERP systems, seamlessly connecting the front and back offices. With a 360-degree customer perspective, you can supply linked pricing, customer data, inventory, and other essential data points to reduce sales cycles, boost profitability, and enable more complicated agreements.


Multichannel Seamless Sales Prospects

Oracle CPQ allows inside field, channel, and self-service sellers to swiftly create, price, and offer solutions, contracts, and subscription ordering instinctively—no third-party partner capability is required.


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Businesses that can Benefit from our Oracle CPQ Solutions

Our fully integrated Oracle CPQ Cloud services are intended to provide you with greater selling skills as well as the processes required to compete more successfully.

  • B2B marketplaces where the product’s complexity makes it impossible for the client to select the best mix of product aspects in the absence of such a tool.
  • Customers who require Assemble-to-Order (ATO), Make-to-Order (MTO), or Engineer-to-Order (ETO) products and services.
  • B2B markets with a high amount of quotation generating.
  • Organizations that distribute their products through a variety of outlets.
  • Organizations undergoing inorganic expansion (merger, acquisition, and takeover) need tools to quickly integrate all product offers into the same quotation platform.
  • Organizations who desire to automate and optimize their business operations after transitioning from an error-prone or insufficient old quote system.
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