Innovation Accelerators: SAP BTP applications

Business difficulties might appear intimidating. That is not always the case with solutions. That is the strength of SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), SAP’s open platform that enables the integration of SAP and third-party applications, the extension of application capabilities, and the exploitation of data to solve business challenges.
SAP BTP encompasses analytics, data management, application development and integration, and intelligent technologies like AI and machine learning, all of which are supported by SAP S/4HANA and SAP Cloud Platform.
SAP BTP is critical to our approach to cloud innovation to unlock value and drive growth for our SAP clients. Our SAP Industry Cloud apps portfolio continues to expand as we combine our industry, technical, and client knowledge to produce new SAP BTP applications.
With years of experience, Stridely is an industry pioneer and leading SAP applications partner. We take immense pride in promptly delivering solutions to our customers as per their requirements.

How Can Analytics on Cloud Boost Business ROI for Enterprises?

How Can Analytics on Cloud Boost Business ROI for Enterprises?

In this developing business world, organized analysis of last data patterns assists in building various business tactics for future operations and helps serve the customers better. Businesses use data analytics to perceive their customer choices better, stay competitive and maximize profit.

4 Pillars of SAP Business Technology Platform

Every business, no matter its size, number of branches, or sector, has a wide variety of tools and apps to satisfy its demands. SAP BTP has a wide range of features that can be divided into four categories:

SAP BTP helps simplify complex analytical highlights and improve the overall business outcome.

  • Seamless data integration
  • Easy accessibility to operations
  • Reduce data redundancy

This feature allows you to extend, create, or integrate intuitive business applications, whether in the cloud or on-premises.

  • Develop cross-platform applications
  • Easy availability of platform extension
  • Reliable application development
  • Expand with an open ecosystem

Uncover operational stats with key tool metrics like augmented analytics, business intelligence, and collaborative planning to streamline the decision-making process.

  • Advanced management of future operations
  • Seamless access to analytics
  • Real-time operation management
  • Uncover analytics into action

Develop a smarter, future-ready business with the functionality of IoT, AI, ML, and Blockchain.

  • Delve into AI
  • Explore Big data
  • Leverage IoT
  • Explore possibilities

Why choose Stridely for SAP BTP Services?

Make Quick Decisions

We help you with analytics solutions for business-critical data within the SAP BTP for trusted insights which help to streamline the process of gathering, integrating, analyzing, and presenting insights to enhance business decision-making.

Improve the Quality of Business-Critical Data

A unified, trusted view of your business enables you to work more efficiently and make better decisions. We at Stridely help businesses to consolidate and improve the quality of their business-critical information with a central hub for master data management and governance tools.

Multi-Cloud Functionality

Make the most of your operations across several hyper-scale cloud environments that provide customer flexibility and reliability.

Data-Driven Enterprise with Modern Data Warehousing

SAP BW4/HANA solution provides data modeling, connectivity, virtualization, and access across the enterprise. We at Stridely solutions will help you to optimize processes and enable innovation with one trusted source for all insights and an intuitive user experience.


Understanding the Know-How of Statistical Analysis of the SAP BW4HANA Infrastructure

SAP leaves no stone unturned to please its end-users and offers extended help. SAP BW4HANA is one such high-end offering. Technically, it’s an SAP HANA-powered packages data warehouse offered in both on-premises and cloud-based format.

Challenges in Using SAP Fiori User Interface and What's the Solution for Each Issue?

If your work profile has anything to do with the manufacturing sector or you’re placed in a position like decision-makers, managers, and other top executives then your prime aim would be to have cost-effective, viable, and highly useful resources by your side.

The New Feature in SAP S/4HANA Capacity Planning or Management, how it works and how can it benefit your Enterprise?

There are tons of things and processes which can be streamlined to their maximum extent by using the SAP S/4HANA module and capacity management is amongst them. Seeing the changing needs of this domain, the SAP’s Enterprise Resource Planning module has gone through minor changes and got the addition of few features. What are they? Will they make any difference?

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