Advance manufacturing with SAP MII

Enterprise apps are evolving, and the enterprise of the future will require an integrated, contemporary ERP geared to create corporate value in the emerging digital economy.

With Industry 4.0, data storage is evolving. Integration and accessibility are essential for successful Industry 4.0 activities. With real-time manufacturing intelligence and visibility, SAP MII implementation can improve overall equipment effectiveness.

Stridely can help you integrate your shop floor procedures with business operations by integrating the four Ms of manufacturing – man, material, method, and machine – into your extended supply chain.

Stridely’s extensive experience, combined with SAP MII services and solutions, can provide manufacturers with the agility needed to thrive in the digital age. We offer customized solutions that enable real-time visibility into the entire production process, allowing for swift problem detection and performance improvements.

Advance manufacturing with SAP MII

Make your business thrive with SAP MII

Digital Manufacturing

SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) is a robust platform for Manufacturing Execution (MES) and integration solutions. SAP MII enables real-time production monitoring and offers powerful data analysis tools. Data from a variety of systems may be merged and blended with data from other business systems using SAP MII. This connection gives comprehensive insights into measures from SAP ERP all the way down to the shop floor, as well as across shop floor activities and apps. These insights assist in making decisions about equipment utilization and adjusting production priorities, as well as ensuring that appropriate actions may be carried out either automatically or manually.

Real-time Analytics

The intelligence side is designed to give real-time analytics of manufacturing processes through the use of visualization tools and dashboards that display key performance indicators (KPIs) and alarms. These characteristics may be used by operations managers, company executives, plant staff, and suppliers to make short-term production choices.
As an aspect of the industrial internet of things (IIoT) ecosystem, SAP MII connects manufacturing for effective supply chain management inside a single plant or across many facilities.

Optimize your Operations

SAP MII solutions serve as the hub and orchestrator for data-driven, evidence-based decision-making. MII captures and processes data from all major business systems before presenting it to key stakeholders and decision-makers as integrated data. SAP MII, for example, may be used to monitor, gather, measure, evaluate, and compare the performance of plants and assets using various automation system infrastructures.

Why partner with Stridely?

All that we do is driven by a single vision: to be the greatest modern SAP consulting partner in the business, offering value and the outstanding customer service on which we have established our name.

With years of expertise driving difficult SAP transformation initiatives, Stridely is a SAP Global Strategic Services Partner. Our offices are situated at varied locations to cater to the global clientele. We hire the finest and brightest SAP professionals and invest consistently in transformation methodologies, project accelerators, industry applications, and new delivery models to provide award-winning services to our customers.

With Stridely – SAP is done better.

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Key benefits of SAP MII


It provides seamless communication between various shop floors and enterprise resource planning (ERP)/operational software.

Platform Ubiquity

It allows quick adaption to diverse production methods in various sectors.

Increased OEE

Equipment downtime, inefficiencies, and quality concerns can be resolved very quickly and readily across several hierarchical levels.

Orchestration of the Process

Customer-specific planning, execution, maintenance, and quality management activities can be synchronized easily

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SAP MII Consulting

We use our highly experienced team of experts to assist you in determining the best path to an intelligent enterprise journey.


SAP MII Implementation

We can create integrated solutions that enable real-time collecting and monitoring of production data by leveraging SAP MII implementation in conjunction with our optimized methodology.


SAP MII Integration

Manufacturing Integration of Plant systems with Business processes.


Analysis and Optimization

Manufacturing Intelligence Reporting system based on a real-time basis including Role-based Dashboards with real-time KPIs, events, and Alerts.


Our SAP MII solution offerings


Our Partner Ecosystem

Bringing together the best of our partner network to create competitive advantage of your business.