Get superior quality master data governance across organization via SAP MDG

Business data governance is a critical topic that is frequently overlooked, even though it is critical for effective data integration.

Data governance entails carefully defining data usage and management, deciding on protocols for dealing with data challenges and improving data quality. Clean, precise, consistent, and well-managed data is at the cornerstone of every business operation and can support strategic investments.

SAP MDG is a market-leading solution for central or decentralized master data management in hybrid environments. With SAP MDG, organizations can maintain, distribute, and validate their enterprise’s master data.

Stridely has a team of domain experts who collaborate with business users on best practices and processes. We offer the right combination of resources to assist with efficient extraction, cleansing, and loading of data, as well as implementing the solution itself.

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Our SAP MDG key offerings

Central Governance of Mass data

Centralized governance for master data generation, update, and delivery across business systems with domain-specific master data management.

Master Data Objects Maintenance

Centrally manage your master data for Supplier, Customer, Material, Financials, and Business Partners.


Data Quality Management

Analyze, monitor, actively track, and control master data quality, and rectify errors straight from the application. Along with that we certify, outline, and monitor business rules to ensure master data readiness.


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Why choose SAP MDG?

Poor master data can cost businesses millions of dollars. Users are dissatisfied. Systems become clogged. Reports become useless.

50% of CFOs want access to clean data to help them make better decisions. Almost 70% of management-level data users see flaws or gaps in the data they use. The figures speak for themselves, many companies are concerned with data quality.

To summarize, many companies struggle with below points when it comes to data management:

  • Monitor and integrate data across the enterprise.
  • Identify and resolve data quality issues.
  • Enhance the accuracy and dependability of master data analysis.
  • Improve your master data quality by learning more about it.

If you want to meet the above requirements, look no further than SAP Master Data Governance.

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Our SAP MDG implementation approach

Step 1: Research

We begin with a survey to assess your data quality, data life cycle, and business processes, as well as your technical and organizational capabilities. We acquire insights and develop a smart data governance approach based on this clear picture, which includes policies, data architecture, priorities, business cases, data standards, and your intended data state. We begin with the Define process at the same time since the outputs of both processes impact each other.


Step 2: Identify

This phase focuses on comprehending your company’s context. We investigate your data definitions and business terminology, as well as how you utilize taxonomies, which linkages exist, and how policies, standards, regulations, and procedures interact with one another. The data governance initiatives are defined by a clear measurement approach. At the same time, the Discover process is active, impacting the results of the Identification phase.


Step 3: Apply

We ensure that all data governance policies, procedures, business rules, cross-functional roles and responsibilities, and workflows are incorporated in the Research and Identify stages as a third step.


Step 4: Measure & Monitor

We ensure that the data governance plan is successful and that the stewardship initiatives provide value after it is implemented. We maintain the strategy, your data life cycle, and your data assets up to date, audible, and visible by continually monitoring data governance compliance as well as exceptions to the rules.

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Why choose Stridely for SAP MDG Consulting Services?

  • Our SAP MDG consulting services covers the extensive research and deployment of data governance, managing data infrastructure along with procedures.
  • We have a proven track record of multiple deployments and consider MDG as one of our key competencies.
  • Analysis of your baseline situation and goal setting.
  • Feasibility analysis and consulting on your target situation.
  • Expert assistance in data extraction, data cleansing and loading of data.
  • Best practice SAP MDG Implementation.


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