Gain Control over your Spending

Spend Analysis is an act of gathering, cleaning, grouping, classifying, and evaluating your organization’s spend data. It is significant because it transforms raw data into usable information. An organization’s objective should be to reduce procurement costs and improve efficiency while boosting visibility and openness.
The better you understand your spending, the higher your chances of improving sourcing efficiency, lowering risk, and uncovering new savings potential.
With SAP Spend Analytics, you can control spending by removing any impediments that get in the way. It is a powerful tool to quickly manage to spend, improve cash flow, and control, and manage compliance without any complexity.
Stridely is a SAP authorized partner, we can help you seamlessly integrate SAP spend Analytics with your ERP, PLM, any third-party applications, and other SAP systems. Get more spending under control and more bang for your buck by integrating streamlining and automating all spending processes from source to pay.


Accelerate and Optimize Direct Procurement with SAP Ariba Solution

Accelerate and Optimize Direct Procurement with SAP Ariba Solution

Direct Procurement is one of those areas that has long been the topic of discussion for most of the organizations. Acquiring raw materials as well as goods for production needs to be done in a cost-effective manner.

How Spend Management Favor Business?

Intelligent Spend Management assists you in implementing purchasing rules, meeting financial goals for your firm, increasing profitability, and making savings in areas you are yet to explore.


How Intelligent Spend Management favor business?

A Unified Perspective on Expenditures

You receive real-time information on your financial spending from all sources.

Efficient Decision Making

Analyzing key performance metrics to make more rapid and efficient financial decisions

Synopsis of each Category

To finance digital advances, you must have complete access to all expenditure categories

Risk Mitigation

Minimizing supply chain risks and maintaining process transparency to boost reputational and financial security

Manage Spending Wherever and Whenever it Happens

SAP Concur
A travel-specific SaaS solution, SAP Concur allows organizations to consolidate all of their travel expenses into a single head. It helps organizations manage their travel expenses without having to worry about when and where. Leaders can effectively track their spending habits and have an in-depth view of transactions. The solution can be accessed on all devices, including mobile.
SAP Ariba
The most complete ISM software package, SAP Ariba, generates more data from the source-to-pay cycle compared to any other network. SAP Ariba is the procurement and supply chain alliance solution that enables your firm to move more quickly and spend more wisely. SAP Ariba solutions link you to the world’s biggest B2B network, enabling dynamic, digital communication with millions of suppliers and other business partners worldwide.
SAP Fieldglass
SAP Fieldglass is an open vendor management system running over the cloud. With SAP Field Glass, organizations can simplify the way they manage, locate, engage, pay, and unleash the power of their external workforce. From comparing labor costs to proceeding with the employee onboarding process, SAP Field Glass encompasses all.

Manage spending wherever and whenever it happens
Why should businesses choose SAP Analytics ?

Why Should Businesses choose SAP Analytics ?

  • Cost improvements
  • Quick deployment
  • Lower supply chain risks
  • Source for the look out of new suppliers
  • Distinguishability about supplier and spending relationship
  • Enhanced supplier communication with consumer
  • Minimal system maintenance costs can be avail with in-the-cloud solution
  • Innovative platform for suppliers to promote themselves
Stridely’s intelligent solutions to streamline your business

Stridely’s Intelligent Solutions to Streamline your Business

Stridely has again and again proved his mettle in the SAP service industry. Our SAP Spend Management solutions have aided multiple organizations to automate their procurement and spending tasks. Further, the reformation of business has proven to be very beneficial for management.
Get in touch with Stridely to understand more about SAP Spend Management and how it will boost up your business.


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Users of the SAP BW/4HANA system are endowed with a powerful capability, ADSO or Advanced DataStore Object, to leverage the data modeling. The post throws light on its key abilities and ways to bring them into action.

Next-Generation SAP Managed Services: What All Your Enterprise Can Avail?

SAP never disappoints its users and endows them with inventive and updated solutions. This is why it’s one of the most preferred and dependable ERP solutions in the market, holding a 24% share. The tools have become a crucial operational aspect for all sorts of businesses, regardless of the industry type and business size.

Understanding SAP Conversational AI Bot (SAP CAI) Standard Implementation

SAP needs no introduction as this suite of ERP solutions has earned a magnificent reputation across the globe. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are lying their faith in this inventive resource. SAP CAI or SAP Conversational AI is another highly useful offering from SAP.

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