SAP Treasury Capabilities:

Centralize your treasury management, benchmark performance, and catch industry-leading trends with Stridely’s SAP treasury management consultancy. Craft a holistic strategy tailored to your organization’s needs. Explore our practical and strategic approaches designed to mitigate risk, simplify processes, and lower costs.

SAP’s Treasury Management (TRM) Tool empowers organizations to handle working capital, payments, and financial risk more efficiently through their extensive integration capabilities. At Stridely, we leverage our expertise to help you redefine your Treasury Management solutions. Expect mitigated risk, process automation, robust connectivity implementation, and real-time data solutions that enhance decision-making and streamline financial processes.

As a leading SAP Silver Partner, we specialize in transforming businesses through comprehensive SAP Treasury services.

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SAP products with Treasury Management

1. SAP S/4HANA Finance

  • Automated processes for streamlined efficiency.
  • Enhance operational quality to drive peak performance.
  • Lower banking costs with optimized financial workflows.
  • Provide on-demand reporting for real-time insights.

2. SAP Treasury Risk Management

  • Mitigate risk through in-depth analysis of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Manage regulatory compliance seamlessly within the system.
  • Automate treasury tasks for improved efficiency.
  • Link workflows to core processes for a cohesive approach to risk management.

3. SAP Cash Management

  • Enable real-time data views for accurate decision-making.
  • Achieve enterprise-wide management for comprehensive control.
  • Maintain up-to-date liquidity plans for better financial planning.
  • Implement in-house cash management strategies for enhanced liquidity.

4. SAP Market Rates Management

  • Access comprehensive market data for informed decision-making.
  • Seamlessly integrate market data for a holistic view.
  • Utilize a single service for the entire enterprise for consistent market rate management.

5. SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity

  • Efficiently manage internal payments within a centralized system.
  • Streamline external banking relationships for improved connectivity.
  • Exchange payments and account statements seamlessly with banking institutions.
  • Enhance overall payment processes for increased efficiency.

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What do you get with Stridely?

  1. With Stridely, you don’t just get SAP Treasury solutions; you transform your business. Partner with us to:

    • Simplify existing complex treasury systems
    • Optimize banks and payments
    • Improve working capital management
    • Receive continuous support for treasury
    • Benefit from support for S/4Hana migration and functional upgrades
    • Access real-time cash and liquidity insights across the group
    • Enhance market data feeds and updates
    • Rely on our support for centralizing bank communications

    Empower your enterprise with Stridely’s SAP Treasury Solutions and redefine the future of your financial success.

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Benefits of SAP Treasury management

  • Seamlessly integrate your treasury management with corporate strategies.
  • Align with SAP® solutions designed to meet current economic demands and future needs.
  • Employ end-to-end analytics for automated treasury processes.
  • Centralize bank account management to mitigate operational and compliance risks.
  • Gain instant visibility into balances and currency exposures for proactive decision-making.
  • View real-time cash positions and forecasts, ensuring accurate financial insights.
  • Streamline capital management processes to optimize resource allocation.
  • Enhance liquidity accounting for a comprehensive overview of financial health.
  • Control working capital effectively through integrated cash flows.
  • Integrate transactions, commodity positions, and market data for a holistic approach.
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Key Functionalities of SAP Treasury Management (TRM):

Gain a world of capabilities with the SAP TRM tool, offering a comprehensive suite of functionalities to address diverse financial needs.
  • Execute short-, mid-, and long-term investments and borrowing with precision.
  • Conduct spot and forward transactions seamlessly.
  • Navigate various transaction types, including swaps, plain vanilla options, and exotic options.
  • Handle knock-in and knock-out structures, as well as average rate options.
  • Manage bilateral contracts such as bank loans and syndicated contracts.
  • Administer issuing programs and facilities to streamline lending processes.
  • Dive into a world of over the counter (OTC) derivatives.
  • Execute transactions like caps and swaps, alongside futures and options on the stock exchange.
  • Handle a wide range of securities, including bonds and stocks (equity).
  • Manage various rights, corporate actions, and positions (active, passive, and lending).


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