Enterprise Mobility

With the power and reach of mobile devices, we help businesses and organizations take advantage of the disruptive nature of various mobile technologies so that they can solve complex issues, provide superior digital experiences, improve efficiency and productivity with immediate access and hands-on information.

Stridely Solutions provides enterprise mobility solutions backed by resilient architecture, user interfaces of utmost quality that result in superior user experiences to transform our client’s mobile landscape. We boost field operations, enable immediate access to critical business information that increase productivity with enterprise-grade back-end interfaces which allow faster updates and eliminate costly downtimes.

Our Solutions in Enterprise Mobility

Our consultative approach allows us to understand your requirements, plan an appropriate strategy and implement the mobility solutions with utmost security. Gain the maximum from your mobility deployment with our full life-cycle enterprise mobility management services with our experienced team of mobile experts.

01. Mobile ERP Solutions

Get instantaneous access to important and real-time ERP information whenever and wherever you need it with Mobile ERP solutions that are especially designed for mobile interfaces.

02. Cloud integrations

Our cloud integration solutions enable companies to avoid creating new silos of information and access data from anywhere at any time.

03. Shopping cart development

We help clients build mobile e-commerce solutions which are attractive, have easy payment options, and reliable security for better customer engagement and increased revenue.

04. Custom mobile application development

With our customized mobile applications, we empower you with more sophisticated, intuitive and simplified user interactions for any type of business requirements.

05. Cross-platform application development

Have your app reach the largest audience with cross-platform apps that work seamlessly on iOS and Android by adhering to their standards and design guidelines.

06. Enterprise Application Development

We create innovative and mission critical mobile apps for enterprises that streamline business processes, drive better customer engagement, reduce overheads and enhance operational efficiency.

Enterprise Mobility Management Services

We create innovative and mission critical mobile apps for enterprises that streamline business processes, drive better customer engagement, reduce overheads and enhance operational efficiency.

EMM services

We enable businesses to use fully functional and secure EMM software, with sought-after mobility solutions that take care of your company’s entire mobile environment.

Expense management applications

Complete expense management systems which include billing, processing, invoicing and tracking of expenses for today’s mobile workforce.

AI-enabled mobile applications

Inject ready-to-use AI capabilities by integrating virtual voice assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Cortana, and others for next level of automations and personalized user experiences.

Why Stridely for Enterprise Mobility?

Stridely Solutions offers holistic enterprise mobility services which cover the entire mobile business landscape. We help companies to embrace mobile applications, increase user engagement, boost collaboration and transform their business operations.


UI/UX development

We design interfaces that are easy-to-use for maximum user engagement and provide flawless user experiences.


Mobile backend development

We develop backend interfaces that are crucial for continuous operations and easy information updating so that your team is always updated with the latest information as and when needed.


Customized enterprise mobility solutions

For unique business requirements and contextually relevant experiences, we offer customized enterprise mobility solutions for every type of enterprise requirement.


Big data apps for mobile devices

We develop mobile apps that leverage the power of Big Data for cost analysis, time management and mobile data analysis for unmatched insights into their business.


Mobile app integration services

Integrate apps and services with API integrations and bring information from siloed IT systems, disparate business applications and third-party software systems.


Enterprise chatbot development

Automate numerous operations of your business with rule-based chatbots or smart chatbots with cognitive capabilities and provide contextually accurate experiences to users.


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