Power Platform

Transform your business operations clubbing them together on the Microsoft Power Platform

Stridely Solutions owns a comprehensive suite of solutions custom-made to help organizations leverage from the potential of Power Platform. We help ensemble all your organizational data and fuse it to work as a single unit, enhancing your business’s value.

Reducing the time-to-market & Accelerating Value

Automate your end to end business processes, imbibe the value of no-code platforms and scale your organization’s success investing in data solutions with us. Stridely Solutions helps deliver values quickly and swiftly.

Power Platform as PaaS

Deploying it as Platform as a Service (PaaS), organizations can extend the platform to garner solutions that otherwise would require additional tools. It will not only increase your efficiency but will ease a lot many things for your team.

Microsoft Power Platform: The Three Core Elements


Power BI

Integrating end to end organizational data, we enable enterprises to make decisions smarter and better. The Power BI facilitates the creation of a visually-rich dashboard, reports, and graphical representations, depicting data trends. Using this information, organizations can easily determine what benefits them the most and where do they need to exercise optimization techniques.


Power Apps

Create enterprise-level software applications with Microsoft Power apps on the go. As a no-code or low-code platform, Power Apps creates an ecosystem where professionals need not have coding skills to design and work on an application. It gives you the ease to create custom-fit applications and optimize your business operations like a pro. Apps built using the Power Apps platform are rich in features and employ cost-cutting tools and technologies.



Power Automate is another component of the Power BI Platform that enables embedding automation within the organizational workforce. The tools involve next-generation solutions and are built solely upon the RPA technology accelerating the pace at which businesses operate internally. Whether your application is stored on-premise or is hosted over the cloud, Stridely Solutions help you attain a better infrastructural flow, reducing the operational time, boosting productivity.

From streamlining tasks to sharing data, the Microsoft Power Automate fosters collaboration among teams to increase end result.

Common Data Service

Each of the components of the Microsoft Power Platform is built on the common data service. The fact that this accounts for single data storage, it simplifies the creation of applications. CDS allows storing data from different sources under a single roof. This can then be used by the Microsoft Power Platform to build applications.

What’s best about the power platform is the ease provided in terms of integration. Organizations planning to integrate the power platform can benefit from the integration of such powerful aids. Wondering how?

Stridely Solutions excel in designing solutions that resonate with the needs of the business. Experts here have the knack to fuse the platforms to drive maximum advantages.

Why Stridely for Microsoft Power Platform?

Stridely Solutions has been a pioneer in the industry of automation. With years of experience, we employ industry best practices to re-engineer business solutions. Following a laser-focused approach, our team determines what’s best for an organization and then outlines specific measures to optimize their solutions.

Stridely Solutions is a Strategic Gold Microsoft Partner extending support towards consultation and implementation of the Microsoft Power Platform.

Power Platform
Of all the offerings, core elements include:


Integration & Data Aggregation

Devising data to foster the creation of both mobile and web applications.


Data Visualization

Study, analyze, and assess data to come up with significant insights that are helpful in making sound decisions. Our team is peculiar in their approach and ensures the final report is rich in terms of visual appearance.


Data Automation

Excelling on the automation front, we embed solutions that help automate the infrastructure and corresponding activities, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Backed up by a team of skilled professionals, we are passionate about developing solutions that speak for your brand.


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