Leverage the cloud for true business transformation

With the rise of cloud computing platforms and the varying services they provide, selecting the right one is an imperative decision which cannot be taken lightly. On top of that, setting up a cloud strategy requires meticulous planning, and that is where Stridely Solutions comes in. Whether you are considering a cloud-first approach or a hybrid setup, our cloud services we have got you covered.

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Leverage our AWS Cloud expertise and build sophisticated applications that are flexible and reliable.
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Develop and deploy multiple applications with our Azure Cloud services with great end-to-end tools.
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We practice DevOps for creating and delivering projects.
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Cloud computing services at Stridely Solutions

With the growing dependence on cloud computing, we provide cloud services that focus on our clients’ business requirements. We help with identifying the right cloud service provider along with the particular services that they need.

Cloud consulting and strategy

Identify the right requirements for cloud strategy with our cloud consulting services.

As-a-service cloud models

Infrastructure or platform as-a-service to host, extend or simply create cloud-based apps.

Artificial Intelligence

Take advantage of the cloud to build intelligent apps with AI capabilities.


We create cloud-based apps with utmost scalability and seamless cross-platform experiences.

Cloud implementation roadmap

Cloud consulting

  • Requirements gathering
  • Identifying security challenges
  • Create use cases for piloting

Cloud assessment

  • Infrastructure assessment
  • TCO and ROI estimation
  • Defining critical-path dependencies

Building and migration

  • Develop appropriate architecture
  • Process mapping
  • Migrate pilot apps
  • Validate operations and apps on architecture

Implementation and deployment

  • Infrastructure implementation
  • Application rollout


  • Automated, scheduled backups
  • Disaster recovery
  • Optimal security failsafe
  • Round the clock maintenance and servicing

Why Stridely Solutions for cloud computing services?

It is crucial to adopt the cloud in order to not only keep up with the rising demands of the market but to edge past the competition. We help companies to move from legacy, siloed software systems to the cloud to achieve higher efficiency and lower costs.

  • Migrating IT infrastructure
  • Create platform agnostic cloud-based apps
  • Utilize cloud services effectively

Accelerate your cloud journey with Stridely’s cloud solutions