Complete set of Azure services that add unmatched flexibility to your business operations

Azure cloud solutions are categorized under ‘Platform as a Service’ (PaaS). This technology is designed to support applications that are scalable, reliable, and inexpensive to operate. In the same way as App Services are hosted on virtual machines (VMs), so too are Azure Cloud Services.

Azure cloud app development services at Stridely Solutions include cloud consultation and assessment so that our clients can get the most out of Microsoft Azure solutions for their business. We stay updated with the ever-expanding set of cloud services from Azure to help your organization meet its business challenges.

Azure Cloud Services At Stridely Solutions

We create cloud applications, IoT apps, intranet portals, mobile applications as well as embedded software for businesses of all kinds. Our partnership with Microsoft enables us to be the ideal Azure cloud application development company with an experienced set of cloud experts.


Cloud assessment

Whether you have an existing setup or require new cloud instances, we help you to determine the optimal path for your cloud apps from a strategic, tactical or modernization perspective.


Analytics, ML or AI

With a heavy reliance on the cloud and so much data being stored, we help companies to utilize their data for better analytics as well as development of ML or AI models as per your requirements.


Cloud Strategy

We help you to create the ideal cloud strategy for your business, which includes deciding what goes to the cloud, what remains on-premises and what requires a hybrid setup.


Application modernization

Convert your legacy applications and web systems into modern apps with our re-architecting solutions for seamless, native performance with massive cost and efficiency benefits.

Why Choose Azure As Your Primary Cloud Provider?



Automating and standardizing production environments are among the key aspects of DevOps. It makes deployments easy and enables the efficient distribution of resources.



Deploy all code changes to a testing environment or a production environment application. It helps to run the maintenance of the software without affecting the entire process.



The assessment ensures performance optimization on an ongoing basis. It also eases the audit of existing infrastructure and development pipeline.



Bridge the technical gap between different teams so that they can collaborate, communicate, and integrate to improve the process of software delivery.


Lifecycle process management

It lets you meet business demands while improving software quality and productivity by automating the entire development and delivery process.

Advantages Of Azure Development With Stridely Solutions

With Stridely’s unmatched proficiency and Microsoft’s commitment to the highest levels of trust, security transparency and privacy, we help you to meet regulatory compliance standards and conformance. We build, manage, and execute applications on a massive, global network using your choice of tools and frameworks.


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