Azure Cloud-A Growth-Driven Cloud

Offered by Microsoft, Azure Cloud is the second most-loved cloud platform and is winning everyone’s heart with exceptional features. By preferring Azure Cloud, you choose a way to enjoy the cloud at its best. And, by choosing Stridely Solutions, you make a move towards utmost and need-based utilization of Azure Cloud.


Outstanding data resiliency

Every data you store on Azure Cloud will have three other copies stored to make sure you never lose it.


Unmatched data security

With in-built 256-bit AES encryption and key storage in Azure Key Vault, Azure Cloud ensures that your data remains safe from beginning to end.


Advantageous BCDR integration

In a blink of an eye, Azure Cloud will integrate with your BCDR strategy and will make backup and disaster recovery easier than ever.


StorSimple for seamless capacity management

Want to make capacity planning easy and effortless? StorSimple is the feature that comes to your rescue.

The Azure Cloud Native Service Stack of Stridely Solutions

Azure Cloud has a lot to offer. This is why Stridely Solutions offers assorted Azure Native services.


Cloud-Native Apps in Multi-Tenant Model

Stridely Solutions is equipped to move all your cloud-native SaaS apps on Azure PaaS so that you enjoy seamless and 100% customized B2B products and enterprise apps development as per the defined needs. We’ll help you with:


Modernization of Legacy Apps With Azure Cloud

Want to get rid of outdated apps and experience the power of modern cloud-native solutions? Hire application modernization facility of Stridely Solutions. With our pay-as-you-use model, you can re-construct ASP.Net and continuous integration with high-end services like:


Design Custom Azure Cloud Apps

Get Azure-native cloud apps that can work for you and as per your needs. Our seasoned Azure developers help you bring Azure PaaS/IaaS to your service to design completely new or remodel theprevailing on-premise application using high-end technologies like C#.Net MVC and others.


Need-based Development of Hybrid/Native Apps

Stridely Solutions is the best assistance to hire when you need the aid of hybrid/native mobile apps to manage customers, employees, and physical assets.


Stridely Solutions’ Success Factor

At Stridely Solutions, Azure Cloud app designing, development, and deployment are done with utmost perfection.

Embark on a journey of tech-based, inventive, and futuristic Azure Cloud Native app development journey with Stridely Solutions and experience high ROI and maximum resource utilization.


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