Database Services

Get secure accessibility and superior performance with certified database experts

Data is the key to unlocking the eminent disruption of existing business models and practices. And in this data-driven world, database management systems are pivotal to operations and analysis. At Stridely Solutions, we deliver database services that are designed to enable the best ways to store, manage and utilize the right information that your company comes across.

Our expertise with various database systems helps us to build powerful data management solutions for our clients in various architectural scenarios. Our services span the entire data ecosystem through flexible and scalable tools and applications

DBA Services from Stridely Solutions

As a single source for solutions that require expertise in database management systems, we offer DBA services for all database requirements. Every stage of the project is closely monitored by a dedicated team which gives us the ability to roll out changes and modifications to meet specific requirements.


Database consulting

We have a team of certified DBA experts who help to choose the right database that suits our clients’ business needs whether they need dedicated hardware, a hybrid setup or cloud hosting.


Database architecture and design

We help organizations with sought-after database architecture and design with numerous database technologies to ensure maximum uptime and seamless transmission of data.


Database administration and monitoring

We help with the ongoing maintenance requirements of databases with teams that are available 24x7x365 with proper administration and monitoring of our clients ongoing database setup.


Database migration services

Database migrations require careful planning and risk mitigation to avoid infrastructural or architecture issues. We help with the strategy and execution of a seamless migration.

Database As A Service For The Most Popular Database Systems

MS SQL Server
Integration Services

We owe out expertise in custom SQL Server Development to our experience in MS SQL Server. Our teams have considerable experience in all the major versions of MS SQL Server, and our cost-effective solutions deliver database systems that experience enhanced productivity, at reduced overheads and better revenues. Our teams work with various versions – SQL Server 6.5, 7, 2000, 2005 and 2008.

Advantages of this model:

MySQL Integration Services

The open source SQL database is versatile and works on multiple platforms – Linux, UNIX, Mac OS, and Windows. With our MySQL data integration services, we enable high speed processes. Additionally, as a cloud-based solution, it helps us deliver critical insights to clients by developing quicker solutions. Our MySQL database development services helps us to deliver powerful solutions which are scalable, flexible, secure and compatible with diverse interfaces.

Advantages of this model:

Mobile Database
Web SQL & SQLite

Our solutions for mobile applications include fast, scalable and secure databases. Our teams use SQLite – relational database management system for storage of records, due to the inherent advantages of a self-contained system that stores objects like a file. By virtue of the single file on the disk, SQLite is portable and is suitable for Native and Cross-platform applications.

Benefits of our Web SQL and SQLite offerings:


The strong alternative to Relational Databases, we provide NoSQL database services for companies that need to focus on distinct data management characteristics and large sets of data.

We empower our clients with:

Why Stridely Solutions For Database Services?

At Stridely Solutions, our approach to database services is the big difference that has enabled us to provide ideal database services to numerous clients.

We work with:

Every single project undergoes a professional analysis that goes beyond requirements gathering.

We look at possible avenues for adding value as a technology partner.

Deliver solutions that surpass expectations

We work in collaboration with clients working with complete transparency to enable stakeholder participation. Database management systems are crucial to the success of projects and our emphasis is always on working with clients to fulfill requirements as a technology and implementation partner.

Manage and monitor your database environment 24×7 proactively.