Recognizing the Potential of Big Data Solutions Across Every Business Radicals

With digitization pacing at a speed faster than ever, millions of data get generated to back the same. Though this appears to be pretty confusing to many, we took a plunge to demystify the data deluge and help you find a more convincing explanation to what these data actually mean. Right from Data Integration to Real-time Analytics Consulting, Stridely Solutions is the end to your search for Data Science Services.

What keeps us one step ahead is our ability to study the massive data and make sense from it while adhering to the normal of Big Data Analytics. We realize that the data do have a hidden meaning which when skillfully decoded, helps organizations draft future strategies and gain a cutting edge in the competitive market.

Stridely Solutions has been a strong believer in the fact that big data is the future of industries worldwide. And we have been at the forefront for years. Our big data development center is staffed with Data Scientists having tremendous knowledge in Hadoop, MongoDB, and NoSQL. Having such a strong alliance of scientists helps us be an expert in the field.

Surfacing on the above is our vast knowledge in using big data tools followed by the implementation of Big data analytics architecture. Professionals at Stridely Solutions own the knack to figure out what the data means and finding significant patterns highlighting the effect laid on user behavior. Our services extend to all industries offering them the power to fuel their business growth via big data services.

We Help Businesses Scale-up Operations by Solving Big Data Challenges

Data Integration Consulting

Being a pioneer in the big data industry, Stridely Solutions helps business organizations explore issues, draft strategies and then lookup for tools and corresponding solutions so as to map the goals and objectives of the firm. Given the range of Data Analytics Services as offered by us, we prefer customers to take the path of vendor-specific alternatives which can then be traced back to the needs and expectations of users, technology wide.

We further guide leaders to invest in Real-time Analytics Architecture and give their business the much needs technological sight. These are proven to enhance the overall company value and also upgrade their overall architecture. With experts in Hadoop based platform, we strive to offer end to end scalable solutions. At Stridely Solutions, you will never walk back disappointed because we grow with you and vice versa.

Big Data Infrastructure Setup

A major aspect when aligning with big data services is choosing the right architecture. It is important to be aware of the pros and cons of each before leaping in it. At Stridely Solutions, experts help you walk down each of the Real-time Analytics Architecture so as to promote hassle-free data integration.

Our Data Integration Services comprises of easy integration and smooth installation of data analytics infrastructure in a way leaving no room for data redundancies. System accelerators are used to ensure effective communication between Hadoop, and NoSQL database along with other applications.

Infrastructural Services Include

  • Install and Integrate Hadoop
  • Configure MongoDB, NoSQL to work with Hadoop
  • Monitor them for optimal performance

Enhance ∧ Improve With Our Range of Big Data Services

Big Data Maintenance & Support

Being one of the leaders in the big data industry, we make sure that none of our clients waive off services. We take immense care when rendering big data services.

Offering all-round development services across the entire life cycle of big data development and integration, our team works not only to deliver pre-built solutions but also reinvent one when required. In cases of breakdown or system failure, scientists take the challenge to fix issues without hampering the entire system thereby reviving it to function. Big Data Analytics Services consists of –

  • Tailor-made big data application
  • Integration Services
  • Data migration
  • Application Support and round the clock maintenance

Big Data Integration

To find technical voids, study volumes of data and identify ways by which the latter could cover up for the former. At Stridely Solutions, experts work towards fixing issues long before it comes to picture.

Along with the above, discover areas where your business could propel and create a difference. Big Data Integration is what we technical idealize in. Stridely Solutions big data integration services comprise storing, processing and accessing multi-level data. Drive value from these data and use it to benefit the organization on a whole.

Our range of Integration Tools Include:

  • Cloud integration
  • Internet of Things integration
  • Real-time Analytics Architecture Integration

Big Data Analytics

Data, as we say, holds tremendous value today. What motivates organizations to use these huge data chunks is the meaning hidden behind the same. And we at Stridely Solutions offer exact the above.

We help industrial leaders declutter these data sets and use big data analytics services to drive insights that help them make a sound decision, one that would benefit their business and organization on a whole. Of all the available tools, our experts embed QlikView, QlikSense, Tableau, SAS, R, IBM Cognos, Azure ML to ensure that nothing is skipped. Our range of services adds to:

  • Data Modelling
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Optimization

While you might still be in the dilemma of how, we suggest let us take care of it and you focus on work.