iOS App Development

Our approach to product development gives us greater control throughout the app development cycle. Our focus on delivering a truly immersive experience gives UI and UX the emphasis necessary for developing a superior product. The lean and mean approach that we adopt through agile, helps clients understand progress of development, incorporating changes on the go, helping unleash the combined expertise of our team to build products that surpass client expectations.

Tools & Frameworks for Sought-After iPhone Apps

Behind the success of some of the most popular iOS apps, our teams have built custom solutions Swift and Xcode for native iPhone apps that have recorded record breaking session rates and downloads. Our solutions support clients across all levels – discover, design, MVP, QA, development, submission and post launch support. We take extra care to ensure that code is not reused in our projects, offering clients a refreshingly fresh and unique product, despite similarity of ideas and concepts.


Products for the connected world

Connected devices are increasingly finding greater use in an IoT enabled world. Our experience in working with wearables and connected devices helps our teams to develop products and solutions that work seamlessly with multiple integrations for delivering innovative products that redefine functionality and features. Synchronization with back end systems and powering of connected devices is an area of expertise offered by limited developers and we are elated to be one among the most reputed in the field.



Client data is priceless, and security of solutions is high on the priority of users in a world where the dark menace of cybercrime increasingly targets popular solutions. Our customer centric approach incorporates advanced security protocols for foolproof authentication, app management and for securing data. We achieve compliance as per industry requirements for various domains, helping clients to focus on the business side.

Why Stridely Solutions For iOS Application Development?

Stridely Solutions specializes in applications that offer clients a choice of native iOS app development and hybrid app development to offer end users an experience that is uniform across devices and platforms. We offer solutions that go beyond traditional technology, offering advanced products integrated with wearables and sensors that are disrupting the ecosystem.

Mobile backend solutions are critical components and our solutions come with robust backend engineering. Our team expertise – from server-side technologies, to various architectural patterns and cloud platforms – have helped create game changing solutions for clients in a world where apps need to stand out with unique features for success.


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