Xamarin App Development

Common codebase and Common Language Infrastructure help us to build powerful apps without the need for platform specific APIs. Xamarin offers users the look and feel of native apps, and functionality that is platform specific. Shared app logic makes it versatile and powerful; our teams possess the highest levels of expertise in creating Android, iOS and Windows apps from Visual Studio.

At Stridely Solutions, we owe our success to our areas of expertise that help in transforming ideas into powerful working solutions. We score high across all parameters that determine the success of a product – performance, security, interoperability, and user experience. Our emphasis on optimizing the backend, incorporating robust security practices and protocols, building products that work with existing systems and the constant endeavor to offer a consistent user experience, help us to deliver as per expectations.

Xamarin for Cross-Platform Apps


Native interface, access and performance

Our cross trained teams leverage the power of Xamarin to create apps with Native Interfaces, offering users a truly native experience. The standout advantage of Xamarin is full access to all functionalities of the platform, helping us to create solutions that make full use of platform specific capabilities. Performance of apps we build with Xamarin come with the distinct advantage of utilizing platform specific hardware capabilities, offering truly Native performance.


Migration from legacy to multi-platform

Stridely Solutions is Xamarin mobile application development company which uses this powerful solution to help migration from legacy to an environment where multi-platform applications reach out to users of all platforms. The single codebase not only helps to slash the time for building and deployment, it offers a uniform experience across devices, while exploiting the native functionalities of each platform. The versatile API Integration of Android, iOS and Windows apps in platform specific languages, helps our teams to build superior products with greater ease.


App automation and testing

A unique feature of Xamarin is the integration with the test cloud, permitting app automation and testing. We get to test various metrics of the app, such as the performance and the functionalities in every conceivable scenario on multiple devices. The diverse test conditions give us a comprehensive test scenario, helping in building of solutions that are failsafe, fully meeting client expectations.


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