Oracle Adw

Eliminate all complexities of organizing, managing, and monitoring your data warehouse with Oracle ADW solution. Encompassing all of the securing, tuning, patching, provisioning, configuring, and scaling tasks within a warehouse, Stridely Solutions helps automate all.

Oracle’s autonomous data warehouse (Oracle ADW) solution is one step ahead of the managed services. With inbuilt capabilities that facilitate data convergence, Oracle ADW features data visualizations, analysis, and reporting, sending queries across multiple data types, etc. Oracle ADW can be embedded within any infrastructure that has Oracle public cloud and Oracle cloud for customers. We at Stridely Solutions, help secure your data warehouse against malicious attacks and go digital.

Deploy Oracle ADW With Us


Shared Infrastructure Public Cloud

Supported by a minimal cost of implementation, shared infrastructure public cloud offers the provision of embedding enhanced security, autos scaling resources, automating operational activities, and tracking the performance of the system.


Dedicated Infrastructure Public Cloud

With exactly the same features as rendered in shared infrastructure, Oracle ADW in a dedicated environment is kept in an isolated environment. This adds to the security and performance of the system as a whole. Customers have the flexibility to exercise power over operational policies including the timings of patch updates.


Cloud@Customer Infrastructure

In addition to the advantages of automation and optimization, this comes along with Exadata Database Machines within the customer database. With strict sovereignty and data security, this type of integration eliminates the need for data transfer to the public cloud.

Transform your data warehouse management and monitoring abilities by moving them to Oracle autonomous data warehouse. Stridely Solutions, being one of the Oracle partners, is on the journey of helping business enterprises redefine their warehouse operations, embedding tech automation as and where needed.


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