Oracle Odi

Integrate and consolidate all your enterprise data leveraging the Oracle Data Integrator. Stridely Solutions as an Oracle partner extends the support to integrating ODI solutions within a business organization. Our team helps facilitates all types of data integration services starting with event-driven processes to high-performance batch loads, SOA-centred solutions, and trickle feed integration, we encompass all possible integration solutions.

Our Expertise And Priorities

Stridely Solutions strives to offer enhanced developer productivity along with better interface accounting for best-in-class user experience. Leveraging the newly launched version of Oracle’s strategic data integration solution in terms of the Oracle Data Integrator 12c, we aim at redefining the user interface and facilitate integration with GOLDEN DATA SOURCE.

Adding flexibility and scalability, ODI12c is equipped with extended support for big data. It also fosters parallelism while performing end to end data integration process. We help induce a new & declarative way of integrating enterprise data. What makes ODI different from the existing ETL Tools is the ability to use native infrastructure of the source and the destination system. This eliminates the need to have separate server installation for ODI.

Stridely Solutions work closely with the team to bring all of the data together, monitor all activities, and ensure that data is available in a timely and accurate manner. We also adhere to the needs of data consistency, performing frequent checks of the system, and keeping the data optimal.

We, at Stridely Solutions, have both the experience and the expertise in embedding technologies that help redefine the business space. With the Oracle Data Integrator solution, we have helped organizations cut down their execution time by 70% and reducing the operational cost by 30. Additionally, the pace of handling data is accelerated by 50%.

Simplified configuration, tighter integration, and enhanced performance, Oracle ODI is the next big thing. And we are taking this to a level where organizations can work without worrying about the security and the proficiency.


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