Transform Business Solution with Intelligent ERP Solutions

Embed easy to use and modern-day ERP solutions to redesign your business solution and embark on the journey of success with Stridely Solutions backed S/4 HANA services. For organizations planning to digitize their enterprise workforce and embed tools for in-house management, S/4 HANA is here.

With more and more organizations moving to the cloud, sticking to the age-old forms of business processes is nothing but a drawback. Whether you have just started on the journey of an entrepreneur or have been reigning the sector for years, now is the time to reinstate the overall infrastructure and by this, we mean digitize.

Though smart enterprises have already boarded the path of migration, there are a few still struggling with the integration. The ones that have already integrated the platform consider this transformation to be groundbreaking. Not only does the platform organizes end to end business operations but at the same time, enthuses a smarter infrastructure.

In case, you fall among the later section, Stridely Solutions will help you out. Employing a team of dedicated professionals, we help realize the need for the solution and further, guide you throughout the integration process.

Why Migrate To SAP S/4 HANA?

One question that most of the organizations ask or have had wandered, the ones with which we have collaborated earlier, is why should they migrate to this new system.

Just because this technology-powered solution seems to be modern, changing the entire infrastructure seems irrelevant.

For all those, who are firm in their belief that it is better to continue with the legacy system and avoid the migration to SAP S/4 HANA, let me tell you that your consideration is utterly wrong.

S/4 HANA is an ERP platform powered by the SAP S/4 HANA business data platform. The platform can ve either used as cloud migration, an on-premise integration or as hybrid deployments. This new software totally scales the feature of the SAP HANA. Meaning that organizations can not only manage the data and operations but also analyze them in real-time.

In addition to the above, the platform also facilitates end to end optimization of all the core processes within a business. From finance to sales, supply chain, manufacturing and product lifecycle, the tool can streamline all.

SAP S/4 HANA Capabilities

Leveraging from the next-generation technologies and smart systems, S/4 HANA helps connect business across all departments, digitize basic tasks and eliminate the loopholes present in a siloed infrastructure.

Capabilities of the platform extend to :

• Supply Chain:

Integrate warehouse data, render transportation information and optimize the inventory. Accurate information shared with all the members of the team in a single click, S/4 HANA in the supply chain industry enhances delivery time while improving customer experience. Deployment of the supply chain components of S/4HANA as Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS), Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) and Demand-Driven Replenishment (DDR).

• Procurement:

Supplementing the well-known and still existing functions of the ERP Material Management Module (SAP MM) with numerous SAP Fiori apps.  Along with the transactional apps, the work of purchasers is supplemented using several analytic apps in S/4HANA, in order to retain the KPIs in the processor’s view. Also, the critical issues are processed with utmost priority.

• Sales:

In-depth monitoring and management of activities across the sales department help fuel productivity. Automated sales order placement and management boosts the revenue earned by the organization.

• Manufacturing:

Production to planning, tracking inventory to accelerating assembly process, the SAP S/4 HANAs modified ERP system is all that a manufacturing industry needs to improve operations within the industry.

• Finance:

The ease of accounting and the flexibility of subscription-based revenue models, migration of the finance industry to S/4 HANA reduces the risk while simplifying the end to end process. Further, they have a Cockpit to monitor the progress of every entity close via KPIs. An extensive assessment is done of the completion rate using multiple dimensions like region, country, company, milestone, working day, etc. Every delay is monitored and errors detected with the task owners’ collaboration.

Automate business solution with Stridely Solutions

Stridely Solutions – Reliable S/4 HANA Migration Partner

We at, Stridely Solutions, are one among the top companies that help transform and digitize business solutions. Our services are designed in a way that gives the organization the ease and the simplicity to migrate their existing infrastructure to S/4 HANA without disputing their work. We take immense care while migrating data, ensuring none of it is leaked.

We follow a comprehensive approach to implement the solution. Also, we are pretty much confident in what we offer.

Brainstorming & Strategizing

Adopting the technology in real-time, we consult our customers regarding their issues, outlining a clear picture of what their existing solution is, where it lags and how will moving to S/4 HANA optimize their business. We make sure that the proposed solution adheres to our customer’s business goals.


We take total responsibility for moving your organization’s data from your legacy software to S/4 HANA. All of the above transition is conducted meticulously and we assure you of the benefits you will drive post-migration.

Hosting Services

Our collaboration doesn’t end with the migration services. Instead, it expands beyond your anticipation. We make sure that the solution aligns with your IT system and host services so that the cost associated doesn’t shoot up.

Real-time Analytics

We also perform management and monitoring operations by conducting real-time analysis and then coming up with suggestions to help you improve your business decisions. Real-time insights collection on everyday engagement is an excellent process to keep ahead of the industry and never miss a chance to be better.

So, are you on the lookout of a company that would offer your all-round S/4 HANA migration and optimization services?

If yes, you are in the right place. Reach out to us for more!