Dynamics CRM

Enhance customer’s experience for your organization
by integrating Dynamics CRM

Support your customers at all hours of the day and from all places with Microsoft Dynamics CRM software suite. Loaded with smart tech and revolutionary AI tools, empower business decisions knowing who your customer is and what they want. Get in-depth insights and additional information about prospects, their sentiments, and overall behavior with Dynamics CRM.

Stridely Solutions is a Microsoft-powered organizations and on the mission of helping startup enterprises and business organizations transform the way they interact, engage, and communicate with their customers. A one-stop-shop solution and a central data with all your customer data, dynamics CRM is all you need to rev up the satisfaction game. Get in touch with us to know more.

Why Dynamics CRM For Your Business?

A custom-fit customer relationship management software triangulating the sales, marketing, and customer service under a single roof, dynamics CRM helps enhance marketing strategies, boost sales, and increase overall productivity.

Dynamics CRM comes both as a cloud-based solution and an on-premise suite to be installed within your infrastructure.

For organizations that wish to have total control over their server and don’t seek customization, on-premise architecture is the best bet. However, for organizations that are positive of expansion in the future, investing in a subscription-based cloud solution is an excellent way.

Customizable Services

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is known to provide personalized solutions depending upon the customer profile. Providing a 360° view of the entire customer data, dynamics CRM can be used to deliver services that are in tandem with customer expectations.

AI Optimized

Dynamics CRM is rich in technology and is equipped with smart AI solutions. These provide in-depth insights into the customer experience, shedding light on the behavior, sentiments, and purchase pattern of the same. Advanced level AI also helps conduct sentiment analysis to predict user behavior helping managers target the right prospect.

Empower Teams

In addition to the above, dynamics CRM help eliminate guesswork from the organizational infrastructure or the core of decision-making. The software suite has a customized dashboard that displays information about the products, the customer, marketing strategies, ad figures, conversion rates, etc. All of this is used to predict the best outcome and work accordingly so as to minimize the bounce rate. The team can make better decisions leading to higher sales and increased productivity.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM adopts an omnichannel approach towards sales and marketing which makes the entire process robust and much more powerful. We at Stridely Solutions have years of experience in working over the CRM software, installing them for organizations, and enabling a data-driven culture. From consultation to implementation, assistance, and support, our experts will help you at all stages. Get in touch with us to know more.

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