Enterprise CRM

Meet the never-ending demands of your customers integrating Enterprise CRM solutions within your infrastructure.

Digitization has changed the way businesses market and sell their products. Customer expectations are rising and so is the competition. Organizations today are rummaging the web to find ideal solutions, one that can keep track of their customer sentiments while rendering ample information on the same.

Enterprise CRM, among other solutions, stands out from the rest. It helps business leaders keep an eye on their customers while inducing best-in-industry tools and technologies. Enterprise CRM software is designed keeping in mind the latest sales trends, and marketing tactics. In other words, these tools harness the power of top technologies allowing leaders to benefit from the same.

Irrespective of whether you are looking for sales automation or lead generation, lead conversion or simply tracking customer information, Enterprise CRM tools help you with all. We at Stridely Solutions offer extensive help in the integration and implementation of Enterprise CRM solutions. Whether you are a startup company looking to scale your business or a reputed organization planning to modify your sales cycle, we provide custom-fit solutions to all.

Database As A Service For The Most Popular Database Systems


Interactive Interfaces

Support co-ordination & collaboration across channel allow customers to self select & support service migration


Customer Centricity

Create an information hub providing & leveraging a robust cross-channel 360-degree view of the customer including profile, behaviour, preferences and sales interaction history.


Marketing Sales

Developing co-ordinated cross channel marketing & sales strategy from lead & campaigns to sales management.



Improve customer service through a unified, cross-channel case.


Enterprise CRM as Foundation

Enterprise-wide functions, Enterprise Integrations, Workflow Automations, Advance Analytics & Intelligence, Performance Measurements, Knowledge Management & Training


Core Operating/Transactional Systems

E-commerce & Product Management, Transaction Processing (CPQ, Invoicing), Operations, IT, Finance, Field Services, Risk Management.

Leverage The Power Of Industry-Best CRM Tools With Us

Salesforce CRM

Stridely Solutions has a team of consultants with more than 10 years of experience in guiding organizations to integrate and deploy Salesforce enterprise CRM solutions within their infrastructure. Whether you want to integrate a module or have a custom-designed feature built, our experts will help you with all.

Our Salesforce CRM integration solution includes automation of business processes, drafting a connection between the front face of the marketing team with the backend accounting and logistics department. We help obtain data transparency and end-to-end visibility in your supply chain providing a 360° view of customer information to all. With us, you will never have to worry about which application to be deployed where. Our team will assist you and guide you throughout the integration process.

Dynamics 365 CRM

Besides offering help in the integration of Salesforce CRM, we also extend our support solution towards the design, development, and integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution. We also provide customized CRM solutions deploying the environment the way you want. We help you bring your customers together.

With a trained staff and a rich portfolio of Dynamic 365 CRM applications, we take pride in calling ourselves best-in-industry. We have worked with numerous companies helping them take the plunge and implement enterprise CRM solutions within their business.

Enterprise CRM Integration Solutions

We do not limit our expertise to a certain application. Irrespective of whether you are planning to integrate Salesforce CRM or Dynamics 365 CRM solution, we at Stridely Solutions help in the integration of CRM with the following applications.

Third-party App Integration

From Quickbooks to SAP, Oracle ERP, and DY365FO, experts at Stridely Solutions are passionate about offering solutions that meet best the company’s requirements. To keep up with our mission, we have recently added a new range of CRM integration solutions within our list of offerings.

We not only help you with CRM integration within your existing infrastructure but at the same time, help you with the integration of other applications on the CRM platform. Integrating applications such as QuickBooks within the CRM helps improve the functionality, adding more power to the CRM portal. Another possible solution is where the Quote-to-cash process flows when CRM integrates with the ERP system. Organizations can then have a holistic view of their data making decisions better and smarter.

In addition to the above, we also facilitate integration of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Oracle JD Edwards as an ERP solution for your business.

SAP hybris with salesforce & SAP hybris with MS Dy CRM

Business professionals planning to integrate their Salesforce CRM platform with the software tools, we at Stridely Solutions help you with that as well. Giving you the flexibility to synchronize data, connect apps, and configure workflows, we help integrate SAP hybris with salesforce and a dynamic CRM platform with ease.

Microsoft Field Service

Deliver exceptional onsite customer experience integrating Microsoft Field Service within your CRM portal. Keeping customers at the core of the solution, Field Service helps enhance customer satisfaction, improve productivity and event fix first time rates. Offering advanced scheduling, mobile compatibility, and resource optimization, we are your end to end Microsoft Field Service CRM integration partner. Not to forget that our experts will guide you through the integration phase, providing suggestions on field service customization through Resco and Woodford installation.

On-demand CRM Solutions
Claimed to be the best on-demand CRM platform, we help you with advanced SFDC programming (APEX code, Visualforce, triggers, integrations, Javascript). Reduce your development cost while improving performance with the all-in-one CRM software for SDFC.

CRM Solutions For

Revenue Management

Quoting prices, tracking costs, and identifying profits can be a tough task when you have thousands of customers down the lane. Having enterprise CRM solutions will help you keep an eye on the customer’s behavior while regulating your revenue and reducing expenses.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Managing contracts is a two-way process. At one end, you must satisfy all of the needs of your customers and at the other end, drive values to keep up with your brand name. A contract lifecycle management software is a customized CRM solution designed specifically for CLM processes. It not only simplifies activities but also keeps everyone updated on the ongoing projects.

Ecommerce Management

To track your customer’s buying behavior, track their data, reach out to the potential ones and modify your store operations, CRM for eCommerce is all you need to level up your online business and make a difference.

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We have a team of experienced professionals and certified developers with extensive knowledge of Salesforce & MS DY CRM.


On-Time Deliverables

We are known for our sincerity and on-time delivery. No matter how complex the application is or how to show the duration is, we always manage to stay ahead of time. Not to mention the fastest turnaround and ability to match the client’s elastic need of resources as one of our distinguished qualities.


Active Interest

We aren’t only about acting the way you want but make it a point to actively participate in defining the scope of the projects and deadline, providing suggestions as and where needed. We can validate the technical work quotes proposed by the supplier and even lead a project to completion.


Global Footprint

We work with people all across the globe and have language coordinators for French, Spanish & German languages, for non-English speaking clients, ensuring that our clients get the best experience.


Allround Services

Starting with Designing, developing, building, and deploying apps, we are your end to end CRM solution partner.


Out-of-the-box thinking

Our Ability to write code within Salesforce governor limits and exercise clear and concise verbal and written communication makes us different from others.


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We offer round-the-clock support on critical issues to our customers globally.

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