All about SAP Digital Boardroom: Changing the way you utilize Information in decision-making for your Enterprise

All about SAP Digital Boardroom: Changing the way you utilize Information in decision-making for your Enterprise

Almost all industry verticals are going through digitization at present, changing every aspect of the core business landscape. One major reason behind such a big change is excessive change in the customer expectations.

To better address the changing needs of the customer, getting high-tech is essential after all. When not done, businesses feel challenged on how to make the best use of additional overflow of data being generated from the multiple systems.

To detect new consumer trends such vast information must be analyzed fast, and in real-time. That’s the only way to acquire competitive advantages that ultimately leads to the growth of an organization.

Enterprises can now utilize the potential of SAP Digital Boardroom to do well and overcome the above troubles.

Wondering how?

Glimpse of Digital Boardroom

SAP Digital Boardroom is a next generation SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution, which in turn is based on the SAP Cloud Platform. It is built on SAP BusinessObjects Cloud and facilitates better decision making by providing real-time analytical and transactional business context.

Digital Boardroom comes with powerful analytical capabilities along with the Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics and planning capabilities. The solution helps you to align executive decisions on a single source of truth across all business areas. It also provides a complete, real-time view of company situations and KPIs across departments to foster trust among leaders and drive change in the digital economy.

With this public and private cloud offering based on SAP BusinessObjects Cloud, business leaders benefit from total transparency, quick insight, and quality boardroom process.

Source: SAP

The business intelligence embedded SAP Digital boardroom aims to provide 360-degree view on company’s performance in the market with the help of following three screens,

  • Overview Screen
  • Context Screen
  • Exploration screen

Why use Digital Boardroom?

When it is required to make highly informed business decisions, C-executives, board members and decision-makers often use different reporting solutions and make decisions based on incomplete, unreliable and redundant information based on heterogeneous technologies that do not speak with each other.

SAP Digital Boardroom harmonizes the view of company operations across all verticals in one easy-to-consume, highly visual three large interconnected screens with touch technology setup for more effective and collaborative decision-making.

Current and planned capabilities of SAP Business Object Cloud

Source: SAPInsider

Key Capabilities:

Hold interactive & fact-driven meetings with truthful information from one source;

  • Lead meetings with unique user experience that supports real-time insights;
  • Make collaborative decisions with real-time interactive data & responsive layouts;
  • Use freeform presentations as per your organizational structure in meetings.

Easy planning and simulation

  • Do what-if and ad-hoc analysis.
  • Imparts context details of essential KPIs to let you do precise business planning;
  • Assess the business-critical information quickly and accurately.

Instant Data-driven insights

  • Use its powerful analytical capabilities to answer ad-hoc questions on-the-fly in board meetings;
  • Discover hidden patterns in business-critical data through automated machine learning techniques.

Best practice business content

  • Expedite development process with the help of predefined queries, data models, visualizations, and best practices;
  • Integrate with SAP S/4HANA and BW/4HANA
  • Works well with SAP Concur solutions, SAP Ariba, SAP Hybris, and SAP SuccessFactors


SAP Digital Boardroom is an amazing tool for busy entrepreneurs as well as c-suite members of enterprises. This data presentation tool can help you utilize real-time data in your meetings, presentations and discussions. This means, you can make precise decisions and handle industry analytics well on your own.

When used with SAP Analytics cloud stories, Digital Boardroom can provide next-level meeting experience. With it, you can create and show interactive stories in your presentations. In comparison to the tools letting you give static presentations; this tool is super-advanced. Calling it a game-changer for information flow and interaction on data for your organization won’t be an over-statement.

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