An all-inclusive View of Dynamics 365 and how it helps in Boosting Digital Selling

An all-inclusive View of Dynamics 365 and how it helps in Boosting Digital Selling

Digitization has taken the entire business space by storm. More and more organizations are actively marching towards the adoption of digital tools and technologies to streamline their business operations and target their sales better. Keeping this as the core, there has been a massive influx of technologies that guide the process. And one of these is Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In the simplest form, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an entire suite of software applications designed to align business operations. To put it this way, Dynamics 365 is an intelligent tool that helps organizations operate better and faster.

Microsoft Digital Sales harnessed the power of AI to analyse thousands of hours of call conversations automatically for actionable insights. Sellers now get concrete guidance on the topics, tone, and techniques to use for more effective conversations.

But why all of the fuss around the technology?

  • Dynamic 365 Is Purpose-Specific:

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed keeping in mind the scalability needs of an organization. Viewing the entire suite of applications offered by the same, you might be surprised to see it has specific models. For instead, one is for the sales department, second deals with marketing needs, the third is related to financial services and so on.

    This gives organizations the ability to buy products as and when needed. In short, organizations can scale as per their requirements without being burdened monetarily.

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  • Dynamics 365 is adaptable:

    Dynamics 365 is primarily a group of applications tailored to serve business needs. Now suppose that you have planned out a marketing strategy and need to churn out data from the platform to integrate the same with other tools such as Microsoft Power Apps or Microsoft Automate. Unlike other enterprise-level software, dynamic 365 is compatible with all and can seamlessly integrate to come up with better insights.

  • Dynamics 365 Is Intelligent:

    The last pointer is about the intelligence of the platform. Backed by the technology of artificial intelligence, dynamics 365 has the potential to work upon data, study and analyze it to come up with real-time information leading to smart decisions.

Impact of Microsoft Dynamics 365 In Sales & Marketing

Talking about the business impact of Dynamics 365, organizations have had an experienced massive transformation in terms of lead generation and conversions. Clubbing the above-mentioned three factors, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a 360° view of the data uncovering significant insights that further facilitate accelerated selling.

Components of the Microsoft Dynamics tool can work both in the standalone environment and in collaboration with each other. What this implies is that the different software can integrate to unify the process and render optimal results.

There are three typical applications that drive in and out of the sales process.

  • Dynamics 365 For Sales:

    The Dynamics 365 for the Sales module aim at redefining their buyer’s journey. The tool is backed by top technologies and AI-led Intelligence enabling your sales team to go beyond just selling. It helps you build trust and provide a unique buying experience.

    Knowing who your ideal prospects helps in customized pitching and targeting the right customers. This not only saves a lot of time but also increases the possibility of conversion. Additionally, with Dynamics 365, the sales team can effectively automate their everyday task, freeing up manual resources who can then work on important things.

  • Dynamics 365 For Marketing:

    When it comes to selling, it is not just the sales team that needs to be on the run. Marketing precedes selling. Unlike, other tools that mandate extracting data from the marketing tool and then integrating it with the sales, Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives the flexibility to collaborate the two and work as a single unit.

    Dynamics 365 for marketing can easily share data from Dynamics 365 for selling and then use this data to come up with insights that further drive decisions. Data shared is processed and analyzed to shed light on the buying pattern of the user, along with highlighting the factors that influence the buying decision.

  • Dynamics 365 For Customer Insights:

    The last component here is the D365 for customer insights. This tool can be seamlessly correlated with the dynamic 365 for sales and dynamic 365 for marketing. What this does is extracts meaningful data from the two and then generate reports and presentations showcasing customer behavior.

    In other words, this tool unifies data from across all channels and platforms to provide a single, integrated view of customers’ data. In addition to the above, the Dynamic 365 for customer insights is equipped in AI technology that further assesses customer profile rendering significant information about them. Such data is helpful when pitching products to clients and increases the conversion percentage.

How Dynamics 365 Boost The Selling Process?

Having said all of the above, we now integrate the benefits and see how dynamic 365 accelerates digital selling.

  • Nurture Sales-ready Prospects :

    Dynamic 365 is an integrated and smart tool. The fact that everything here is automated, Sales representatives have the ease to nurture leads that have an inclination towards purchase. The Dynamics 365 for Marketing together with Dynamic 365 for Customer Insights helps segment customers based on their preferences and purchase patterns.

    It further sorts out customers, popping names of the prospects that are Sales-ready.

  • Personalize buyer experiences:

    With Dynamics 365 for customer Insights, knowing what segment of customers prefer a particular product is apparently easy. Sales representatives can leverage this information to build personalized marketing campaigns and pitch products to the right customers. Not to mention that pitching the right product to the ideal user scales selling figures.

  • 360° View Of Data:

    What makes dynamic 365 an engine of digital selling is its ability to unify data from multiple platforms and build a consolidated view of the same. This further provides significant insights about the customers which otherwise remains hidden behind data. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has previously built connectors that work to consistently integrate data. This helps make data-driven decisions accelerating the rate of engagement and conversion.


From targeting customers to pitching products and initiating sales, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a one-stop-shop solution for all your selling needs. The beauty of the tool lies in the intelligence it has, leading to all-round automation.


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