How to Utilize Business Process Services and Staff Augmentation Services in Sudden Business Outage Situations Efficiently?

How to Utilize Business Process Services and Staff Augmentation Services in Sudden Business Outage Situations Efficiently?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if all of sudden you experience a business outage? Do you have a plan B in mind? If not, the time has come when you need to reconsider your business strategies and devise a plan that will help you sail through the hurdles.

Business outages have serious repercussions and can cause tremendous damage both temporarily and for the long-term. From falling revenue rates to loss in sales, business, and labor, outages are outrageously disruptive.

This is where the concept of Business process services comes in.

Business Process Services: Digital Divide

Outsourcing your IT management services isn’t something new and has been part of the industry for long. However, the fact that technologies have evolved over time, the ongoing solutions provided by BPOs aren’t at the best of their terms.

In fact, there exists a significant gap between what one offers and what the customer expects.

  • Finding the right service provider: The scope of business processes is dramatically huge. Escaping the web isn’t easy and at times, it so happens that one fails to find the appropriate solution, a team with significant skillset.
  • Communication Gap: Being geographically separated and operating in different time zones, the BPO industry experiences huge significant drawbacks with respect to the communication. Collaboration again suffers from offline interaction.

While there could be more to the list, one question that arises here is, whether the mass adoption of BPO is ideal and if yes, is it benefiting the industry?

Business Process Services: Key to Sustain Business Outages

Business Process Services are the supporting services to organizations and industries seeking to augment the same. In situations, when the native office is forced to temporarily shut down its business operations, organizations offering Business Process Services can take over the activities and work on them ensuring business continuity. The services offered aren’t limited to a domain or department. Business Process Services includes an array of solutions from financial management to accounting, customer support, and software development.

Consider for example your company offers customer support issues, one that is the same as that of a call center. In case there has been a sudden outbreak of fire or any issue leading to the business outage, you can outsource your requirements and enable BPS solution providers to work on behalf of you. This way all your customers receive uninterrupted services and your business remains functional despite being bogged down by an unplanned outage.

And Business Process Services isn’t only for unexpected situations. In case you have a constant influx of calls and requests, you can outsource the spike to these outsourcing units adding efficiency to your business processes. Why burden your workforce when you can seamlessly share and distribute the workload. This way you not only step on the path of better customer service but also experience work quality.

Deploying Cloud Team

Another way to deal with business outages is to invest in staff augmentation. Often it so happens that you have distributed teams working on different projects. Maybe an IT organization that serves the purpose of designing and developing technology-rich software has to shut down its workspace.

Even though the office isn’t running its everyday chores, the work must not stop and it is your cloud teams that can come to rescue. At times, when your organization is short of ideal resources to continue on a project, augmenting a cloud team seems the best fit. They possess both the knowledge and expertise to level up the software requirements and help deploy significant solutions to build the software.

In case you don’t have one in place, it is never too late to augment a dedicated team. And the best way to do this is by consulting your IT staff before you conduct the hiring spree.

Finding the ideal team for staff augmentation?

Well, you don’t have to switch between companies or scour the web to find a legitimate and reliable business process outsourcing company. We at Stridely Solutions are here, happy to help. As one of the leading companies, we offer end-to-end IT infrastructure management and financial accounting services. We help organizations rev up their profits and embark on the journey of success by outsourcing their core business processes to us.

Stridely Solutions has a team of experts and skilled engineers that work tirelessly to help companies deal with business outages.

Finance and Managed IT Services

As per a report by Dunn & Bradstreet, 59% of Fortune 500 companies face a downtime of at least 1.6 hours every week. And as the estimates say, a single hour downtime costs $8000-$700,000, depending upon the size and type of business. Given such huge figures, strategizing on alternatives would be a smart approach.

One that we recommend is Business Process Services and staffing. Momentary disruptions are a common thing and every business is prone to the onset of the same. Under such a situation, business process outsourcing emerges as the clear winner. The fact that they are geographically dispersed, the on-premise business outage has no effect on their systems and can continue working without any disruptions.


True, that for any organization, it is the customer experience that matters the most. However, if a business cannot perform business operations, the goal of satisfying customer expectations turn futile.

What we mean to say is that for an organization to succeed and attain a higher profit margin, there must be a smooth workflow, a healthy workforce, and a robust system.

While you must have everything in place, unplanned and sudden outages are an exception that can disrupt the overall business functionality. Keeping this as the core, we recommend having alternative strategies in place to keep up with the changing dynamics of the business and hence, Business Process Services.

But here again, one must be peculiar in the looking for service providers to bridge the gap between expectations and offerings. For the service providers, its time to rethink on their strategies and re-engineer their methods adopted to scale their services and incentivize operations.


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