Are you choosing the right tool to Automate your Project?

Are you choosing the right tool to Automate your Project?

When it comes to testing you really need to be very specific because in the end, success factor of your software depends on it. So, do you figure it out about which tool is been essential or required for your software. I remember basic software testing types such as functional testing, unit testing, regression testing, etc., these testing types are being replaced with systematic testing programs using automation tools. In today’s scenario, Test Automation is considered the most effective way for any software application. It’s the redefinition to perform testing operations. For the project, you need to decide whether test automation is required or not and if yes then what tools and procedures can be used.

Automation tools are covering the IT Market and there are a lot of tools, but not every tool is for our project. We really need to understand and identify the appropriate tool for our project. This identification is also a big challenge to accept.

You may come across many specific projects and the challenge becomes toughest to choose among them. We had a contemplative look over this challenge and came up with some strategic approach to find the right automation tool for the software.

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Understand your project requirements

Quality is the first thing you wish from your product and so the same implies on your App and software as well, we can’t compromise with the quality so delivering an error-free app becomes important for all of us. Here is where automated testing can help us in improving the quality and depth of the tests. So to take this benefit we need to understand the project requirement, as what is the project type, scope of the project, strength, process, and language before you go with the flow. You need to think precisely what you need to automate and what amount of test cases needs automation. In some case, you would also require both manual and automation testing for web, mobile and desktop app.

Identify the key points that are suitable for your projects

Maintenance and development of the test scripts should be very simple as to decrease human efforts and considering the time factor. When it comes for all the three platforms it becomes the real complication to handle so it’s better to select a tool that supports all the three platforms. The test execution should be easy so that any individual can run it whenever required.

The reports which are generated should be simple so that it can easily be understood by the management. When it comes to multiple end-users cross-browser testing is a must. If the project becomes a complex test framework is been required.

You have to see whether your tools require to write the code as not every test case can be recorded. So, it should support different languages. With all these technicities pricing is also a factor, so you have to consider difference and evaluate among the automation tools.

Every tool has its own importance and performs accordingly, it’s just not about the right tool but also the facts of its requirement and necessity for the project.


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