Blockchain will take care of your resume

Blockchain will take care of your resume

We have always heard saying a single piece of paper or the one-page resume can decide my future but ultimately it does. A resume is the most important factor for the individual to represent themselves with their excellencies. We all understand how crucial a resume is for any candidate to get the job. Well, we can say for the first impression it is going to save you at all.

Blockchain is the tremendous technology and has emerged across every industry. Blockchain has played a major role behind Bitcoin and is expanding now. The technology is really expanding within various industries. We all know and consider blockchain for its security concerns which takes us towards trust so what if blockchain can give us resume, that can be handled by blockchain. Blockchain will change the landscape for HR as well, as it does have the potential to bring the revolution.

According to a survey conducted, among 2100 hiring managers found that 40% of employees were bluffing on their resume. This inability to trust the basic information on resumes and letters becomes the crunch in the hiring process. The solution for this came out to cross verify with multiple peoples but the truth is it’s difficult to find the certainty.

This is where blockchain is to crash the crunch out of it with a solution, there are several methods that will help to hire managers to know the certainty about the individuals on the resumes. Some of the universities have already adopted the blockchain, they are heading towards digitalization with the digital degree and signature of the authority. So, it would start college itself then there won’t be difficult finding the certainty which would reflect the validity from the base. These validations aren’t limited to certificates it can also be applied to an individual’s history and even skills. The organizations where HR department would use blockchain technology will have access to the profiles and thus the validation can be trusted.

Thus, Blockchain technology would eliminate one of the layers for the hiring process, where neither the candidates nor the HR would have to waste their time and efforts. A worthy time can be spent on evaluating a good fit with their corporate environment and what potential the candidate has got to match the company’s goal.

The technology will bring the next major innovation for HR. It would be much easy for the organizations to trust the information without putting much of efforts on validation. This would not only decrease the cost but would save from another meditators cost. This is also going to help the candidates by saving their time looking for other opportunities and getting quick updates about their recruitment. I think the immutable blockchain technology is going to help us with great efficiency and effectiveness of this end to end recruitment process make it much faster, effective, reliable and trustworthy.


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