Digitalization in Food and Beverage Industry

Digitalization in Food and Beverage Industry

Innovation is not just innovation, but it has become like a new famous song that everyone is listening too and the ones who have missed it are looking to forward to listen. So the song, I mean innovation is everywhere and expanding as well. Internet of Things (IoT), Machine learning, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and many other disruptive technologies are taking up the industries. I would like to share how efficiently Food and Beverages industries are taking the major benefits so from supply chain to packaging to waste management and the process goes on. Here are a few areas that are majorly impacted by the technology.


IoT has given the organizations a new term “Smart” where everything is connected to everything. The IoT has automated the entire process of production. Here all the components are connected and real-time data from the systems are utilized to achieve maximum efficiency which results into best quality. These Real-time data provides more opportunities for predictive maintenance and scheduling which directly reduces the time consumed in unplanned and unorganized maintenance. The advancement supports us to the next level with smart sensing to reduce the time in any new product development. They necessarily do take care about the taste and preservation through smart vessels and packaging. Basically, the food and beverages industries are leveraging from the smart environment.

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Consumer Analytics

This is one of the most important factors where the food and beverage industries are facing major problem. As it is really critical to look at the stock unit. A company has various food products, flavors, different size packets for different geographic locations which becomes very difficult to maintain as such in the stock units. IoT here came up with Smart Bottles, labels, and shelf with sensors to gather data and work on advanced analytics. This could really be a solution for the major concern to the industry.

Supply Chain

The demand for the product information is always greater and the supply chain. Supply chain helps with transparency, building brand loyalty, lowering inventory, and efficiency can be achieved by end-to-end visibility. For this visibility, industries are taking help of technologies such as IoT, Blockchain and advanced analytics. Product details are being captured such as moisture, temperature, etc. during the movement at different locations. Analytics are gathered and being analyzed continuously to alert before any deviations.

Warehouse Management and Inventory

A market is never the static its always dynamic and this nature brings a lot of things. This leads to integration between customer demand, procurement, and production. An automated inspection with inbound material and outbound quality are going to change the picture for same.

These are few just few areas where the technologies are playing a major role for Food and Beverages industry which are increasing the efficiency for same with better insights. The process of innovation is going to continue as the demand for fresh, healthy and hygienic food is always going to be the need of time, so the technologies will always sing the song of innovation.


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