Can IoT be sustainable?

Can IoT be sustainable?


IoT is the new flavor in the industries. Nowadays every sector of industries is enjoying the new flavor as the taste is delicious. Industries can see what outcome IoT has brought to them. Still, it seems they are looking for sustainability as an ingredient in the flavor. As major industries have shifted themselves towards IoT and automation, so sustainability is the factor to be considered.

Sustainability is embedded with any product you are taking with as it associated with the economy as well. Well if we are considering the economy let me take you to a picture, any product that is been designed is always been made in such a way that it can be recycled or some of its components can be with reusability. The example is for any product but how about our dish IoT is sustainability an ingredient?

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Let’s look at some points as for how IoT considers your economy,

Predictive maintenance

Maintenance is a major concern in every industry. They use IoT trackers on assets in the field to monitor the key functions and manage them. To diagnose and repair their products either at the plant or remotely. As the average lifespan of machinery varies but there are some technological products who are from four to five years. Here IoT sensors play their part reading product performance and match it with data intelligence. This alerts managers or leaders about future system issues and informs about necessary updates or maintenance. This intelligent technology helps saving millions of dollars from repairs, replacements and failure costs to industries. So, this scenario really gives the taste of sustainability isn’t it, as we can’t really on old traditional systems.

Overhaul and accountability

Considering the above example about any product as it may go through a number of users, going with refurbishments that makes product use again. When it comes to IoT systems they are been combined with AI and Blockchain technologies that are enough capable to defend even for security threats. Thus, IoT ensures securing the authentication, detection and advanced scanning. This even here sustainability is been maintained by such advanced authentication process.

Smart decision-making

Sensors collecting data provides valuable business insights to the industry. This valuable data is been analyzed as for which energy is used and which not, what assets, consumption of materials that helps industries informed about how to get managed before the things as data-backed decisions. Even here sustainability is fueling industries.

IoT has delivered a tremendous result to industries and this is going to be the powerhouse for the next coming years. IoT products have also made the path for the sustainable lifecycle. This also saves the environment from the unnecessary useless waste which also is supporting factor for major industries in recognizing the data and their byproducts.

Thus, there are many more factors where sustainability could be tasted with IoT dish as it has yet to give many things to the world. The concept of smart is the real spice in the dish of IoT.


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