COVID-19: A Random Pandemic or an Event to change how World Operates?

COVID-19: A Random Pandemic or an Event to change how World Operates?

The entire world is forced to lock themselves behind their door, self-isolate, and not step out for an indefinite period of time. Though the impact is equitable worldwide, one segment that is grappling to align their work with the ongoing trend is the corporate sector.

Given the outrage created by the widely discussed pandemic ‘COVID-19’, organizations have migrated to a work from home policy with the sole purpose of keeping their business running, uninterruptedly. Doesn’t it look like a random pandemic, or observation, just like black swan Event?

Wait. Do you have the faintest idea about black swans? Let’s just have a small theory about it.

Earlier, Europeans were of the view that Swans are primarily white. And one day, all of a sudden, someone traces a Black Swan. Now, this was something totally unexpected and largely, abnormal. Since then any or every event that seems to be extraordinary and totally out of the box is deemed as a Black Swan Event.

So, coming back to the main point, are we experiencing something relatable to a Black Swan Event? Definitely a yes.

Whether one agrees to this or not, the overall effect of this meteorically growing virus is longstanding. This is compelled organizations and corporate institutions to come up with alternative policies, one that would help them deal better with the ongoing situation.

It appears as if history has repeated itself and once again, we are stuck with a situation, similar to that of 9/11. The entire world is affected and the only way to survive is to change tracks. It is expected that the economic slowdown would be worth $1 trillion.

So what to do?

Well, every company has a specific notion and is trying best to adjust to the prevailing conditions. Where few have been successful in combating the negative impact, others are still struggling to get their business back on track.

Challenges Faced by Organizations and Corporate Offices

As evident, all of the offices and organizations have been asked to shut their business, at least physically or switch to remote working. However, it is easier said than done.

Not all organizations are equipped in the needed facilities and face severe challenges when moving to a work from home culture. Few of these include:

  • Lack Of Resources

    The first and the most important challenge as faced by a majority of organizations today is the absence of resources and dedicate software solutions to keep up with the office. For one, employees working remotely must have a dedicated laptop with decent connectivity to work online. As so it appears, several organizations work on hardware and require equipment to continue with the work. It is obvious that employees do not have such equipment at their place and hence, their work remains affected.

  • Poor Security

    In the best-case scenario, even if organizations have staffed their employees with all the necessary types of equipment and tools, network security remains untouched. While office networks are designed to be highly robust and hack-proof, local networks used to access the files and folders of their organization are vulnerable. In tough times such as these, compromising the security of organizations’ data simply adds to the worries.

  • Inability to Meet Deadlines

    Not to mention the fact that inability to work would account for missed deadlines and losing projects. Companies fail to provide customer service which further leads to canceled contracts. All of this reduces the overall productivity of the firm, costing the company money as well as reputation.

Stridely Solutions Approach- Defining Policies, Changing Norms

True that we all are facing a difficult situation and it is only worsening with each day passing by. However, we at Stridely Solution have been vigilant since day one and are proud of all our undertakings. Our entire team has been working day in and out to keep up with the need and assure nothing falls back.

Some of our key undertakings include:

  • Remote Working:

    Stridely Solutions has a vast reach with remote teams and offshore customers. Our employees are accustomed to the idea of working from home and connecting with others virtually. As a matter of fact, our employees are equipped with the needed hardware and software. Stridely has been careful in deploying state-of-the-art technologies & ways required for remote working. All of this facilitates dedicated solutions for all to promote WFH.

  • Security:

    The entire infrastructure is guarded with VPN connectivity and there are no ways clients have to store documents locally. This aids a secured infrastructure eliminating the possibility of thefts and threats. Additionally, we have a team working on software updates, locating software patches ensuring total compliance.

  • Support Team:

    Stridely has employed a 24/7 support desk to address and adhere to issues and concerns of the customers as well as clients. We take immense care of every activity in and out of the organization, assuring that no client is left unanswered.

  • Resources:

    Stridely Solution has been always on the forefront of adopting modern solutions. To aid this, we have equipped our employees to network with uninterrupted broadband and electricity connectivity. All of this merges well with Stridely’s IT policy. Additionally, we have also provided our staff with company-owned laptops so that they can easily work from home. These devices have software of latest configuration, secured connectivity to client’s machines via VPN and all terminals/machines connected through secured VMWare. All in all, Stridely has done all to keep up with the changing times and map the dynamics of business today.

  • Online Training:

    Our management team is keeping an eye on every employee’s activity. They are also providing regular online training to employees when needed. Periodic tips are laid by the company HR to motivate employees to work effectively.

The Conclusion

Predicting what’s next would not be feasible for now. What we are sure about is the fact that our entire team at Stridely is well organized and structured. We all are working together as a team and doing all that’s needed to serve our clients without a break.

A random pandemic or a revolutionary change activist for our normal lives, Stridely is ready to face all!




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