Dynatrace for SAP Hybris – The Arrival of the Commerce Cloud Monitoring Age

Dynatrace for SAP Hybris – The Arrival of the Commerce Cloud Monitoring Age

Digital commerce solutions have captured the interest of entrepreneurs on a large scale. More and more organizations are actively adopting the same to reach out to the global market and enhance their business growth. In case you too have been thinking of making the move but failed to find an ideal solution, this article might be of help. Introducing SAP Hybris Commerce as a digital commerce solution, we will outline Dynatrace as the industry-best tool for managing and monitoring the same.

With that being said, let’s see what SAP Hybris Commerce Solution is.

What is SAP Hybris Commerce?

SAP Hybris Commerce or SAP Commerce Cloud, as we call it today is an omnichannel platform designed for the B2C, B2B, and B2B2C businesses. The platform helps organizations/businesses directly engage with their customers, allowing them to transact across digital as well as physical touchpoints.

The SAP Commerce Cloud comprises of SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Service Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, and the SAP Customer Data Cloud solutions on a whole. The platform is considered important and the core for sales and marketing solutions followed by customer relationship management. Owing to the technological transformations, enforcing on-premise architecture to be shifted to the cloud, the platform was renamed as SAP Commerce Cloud.

The platform is versatile and offers tremendous opportunities in terms of improving and enhancing the end to end efficiency. From product bundling to customer engagement, payment processing, and social media integration, the platform encompasses all.

Offering such capabilities, there arises the need to effectively monitor and manage the cloud platform. This is where Dynatrace comes into play.

What is Dynatrace?

Having said the above, the first question that pops up is what is a Dynatrace.

By definition, Dynatrace is an application performance management tool that aims at collaborating or fusing together the cloud infrastructure, the performance of the application, and the digital workforce, uniting all of the above into an integrated solution. What’s important to note here is that the solution is backed by artificial intelligence which adds to the capabilities of the tool.

The tool helps drive the end to end application performance results. This is done by aiding organizations with a platform that can develop, operate, and collaborate with business teams without any hassle. There are several agents that work across-the-board at different nodes of the SAP Commerce Cloud platform. These are bestowed with the responsibility of tracking, managing, and monitoring the operations, providing in-depth insights on the database, the OS, and the services.

With Dynatrace, manage and monitor all of the SAP product portfolio installed across your organization.

Wondering how can the Dynatrace platform help to do the above?

Precisely, the AI-driven software intelligence platform of Dynatrace is equipped with the potential to track technologies and delivery models across enterprise applications. It provides a holistic view, rendering in-depth insights and allowing organizations to make the most out of the solutions.

Here are a few ways in which Dynatrace helps manage the cloud platform.

  • To manage, track analyze, and scale customer experience both on the SAP Cloud and the SAP C/4HANA Platform

    Fortunately, the Dynatrace APM tool is compatible with both the SAP Commerce Cloud (C/4HANA) and for SAP Cloud Platform (SCP). As a matter of fact, this is the only tool that is available for both platforms in the SAP App Center. With the SAP Cloud Platform, you can easily observe, monitor, and manage performance on a global scale.

  • To obtain AI-centric answers related to the SAP infrastructure across Hybrid as well as cloud-native environments

    Monitoring through the Dynatrace infrastructure happens for more than a dozen of SAP customers. From networks to the servers and the cloud platforms, it works for all.

  • To enhance and optimize end-to-end user experience across all of the SAP applications within the organization in an attempt to understand how digital experiences affect the business.

    Dynatrace keeps tabs on the digital experience delivering performance management data to SAP Fiori UI users across multiple enterprises.

  • To optimize the performance of SAP ABAP from both the perspective of the ABAP application-platform and the infrastructure.

    Leveraging the extension for SAP ABAP monitors, Dynatrace provides information about the overall user experience on S/4 HANA and the ECC platform.

Dynatrace should not be used for the following:

True a lot can be done used the Dynatrace application performance management tool. However, that’s not it. There are a few things that Dynatrace isn’t helpful for and you must have an alternative for the same.

The most important ones include:

  • To analyze logs of data – It is best to use Kibana for assessing and analyzing the data logs. In addition to the above, you can have alerts set up as it is part of the SAP Commerce Cloud Locally.
  • To study end-user analytics – When it comes to analyzing user experience and laying out predictions on the same, say what is the conversion rate for a website, you might have access to Dynatrace Digital Experience Monitoring solution. However, you can also refer to Google Analytics to do the job.
  • To have an understanding of Service Level Agreement (SLA) metrics – In case you are planning to get SLA metrics, it is best to opt for the self-service availability reporting found in the Cloud Portal.
  • For synthetic testing – While the Dynatrace Digital Experience Monitoring solution is effective in rendering information, you can opt for others such as Pingdom, Uptime Robot, etc.


It is pretty evident that the Dynatrace application performance management tool is versatile and can be used for a variety of things, apart from performance and dashboard management. However, you must have the skillset to implement and use the tool to the best of its capabilities.

In case you lack in that regard, experts at Stridely Solutions are happy to help. Having both the knowledge and the experience of working on the APM tool, we help you integrate the same within your SAP Cloud Platform and utilize it for managing and monitoring the application performance swiftly.



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