Innovation is the survival

Innovation is the survival

Innovation is the oxygen for technologies and we can’t deny that we breathe the same air. Enterprises merging themselves into digital transformation, but I think just merging is not the requirement but keeping updated with what’s new is the necessity.

This business world has become the battleground and the race is with innovation, the question now is not what are the industries adapting digital transformation, but the concern is how they are. How faster is everything changing, IT reflects automation so how is this automation going to effect and are we with them, are we ready or aware of the changes, and yes the questions go on.

As now CEOs are looking more to their CIOs to think differently, before adapting understand and unlock the growth avenue. CIOs approaching their IT departments about what best we can do, how more can we focus on self-managing and self-secure, autonomously.

Consideration for the digitalization is not the question but how sooner we are going to. About 75% of IT Managers considers new Digital age setup is the key to successful transformation. While 60% of managers are expecting their IT Department to come up with new ideas and explore most of the chances to grow the business with digital business models.

Automation is the key

To all the questions, the answer is automation.

According to source automation is going to be the revolution, the business trend is completely going to change with the automation. The analyst firm predicts this would be the uptake for next coming years that is going to increase the insights and result in more productive.

The new autonomous systems and software they can be used with databases, systems and security by making them managed by themselves. IT department can focus more into an administrative task which would result better in a day to day operations and maintenance. By automating these tasks can be achieved faster and this would help the business grow more with better insights.

This could be the most significant impact also on security by authorizing updates and patches. I mean necessary updates and patches can take place even at the time of business operations. Let’s talk about cyber-attack, I mean they really destroy our data the only reason they aren’t deployed at the time. We can really save it by deploying them at a proper time. Adding to the point it is going to consume less time, human efforts and less of administrative tasks, so automation has really a lot to answer.

Skip being passive and be active

Talking about more security concerns something which is the revolution in technologies is Machine learning.

To fight with these unwanted cyber attacks we need to change the approach against them. Instead of passive monitoring, we should have something active which monitors what’s coming and save the data from destruction or damaged. Machine learning can make us learn about this unwanted event.

This can really help me identifying the fraud if someone wants to access my data from somewhere away from my office or trying to breach it. By identifying the unidentified resource, it can aware us about data breaching and hence we can save it.

Automation is the mirage of Innovation and as the world is moving ahead, we can say Innovation is the survival for all the businesses.


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