IOT Services with DevOps

IOT Services with DevOps

Internet of Things (IoT) is now universal and for every industry, let’s say from transportation, travel and hospitality to manufacturing and so on. We live in a space where everything is changing with IoT. We can say that IoT is the new influencer in technology with aspects of our lives, digital transformation, industries adopting the innovation for better business models and customer value.

The business is not only about your product or service, but the time is asking for something out of the box. In this case, any IoT projects begin with personalization, optimization and quality experience. Every complexity of the industries like frequent updates, safety concern, delivery and more is been efficiently handled by IoT. IoT’s development experience is always been simple and resources efficient.

DevOps helping in the software companies with better software development life cycle (SDLC) by agile processes in the workflow. IoT DevOps is the new approach that would take a different methodology in industries for driven results and increase the revenue stream. DevOps itself is an approach providing framework and tools for process automation to take up the infrastructure. IoT DevOps would be a great approach for startups to give them a new horizon.

Let’s look at some reasons DevOps can manage IoT services efficiently

To be proactively secure and proper management

Security has always been a concern when it comes to any projects even with IoT projects it is necessary to secure the data or information coming from sensors and appliances to prevent them from getting changed or breached. The IoT systems must have some solution to fix software vulnerability in some time. They should quickly scale up numbers of devices in a week, so we should design some systems that can take off this load.

It is going to help with providing the great user experience. IoT DevOps will also help developers, QA and the IoT team by automating release, error detection and solve the patches without any disturbance.

Development without any disruption

For any IoT project, continuous development and delivery with adding intelligence is the most important factor. Here is how DevOps will be playing a major role for IoT businesses by ensuring a continues development with the addition of intelligence to devices having right framework, tools and processes.

IoT solutions are meant to be delivered and operated in a proper manner as they are going to deliver the value to the business. Thus, by adopting DevOps methodologies the continuous process can be achieved with more creation to value.

Manage Complexity

As in IoT project lifecycle, devices get connects to a variety of layers and protocols, also supporting configurations that are complex in nature. It is a real challenge to build IoT application and come up with new product features in real-time. People working in IoT face various difficulties such as small processors, low memory, network bandwidth and sometimes prototyping issues.

Thus, improvements can be ensured by IoT DevOps. As it becomes really critical to keep this discipline among developers, QA and IoT infrastructure for monitoring and the alerts.

Thus IoT methodologies with IoT DevOps is going to improve the scalability and value to the business.


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