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Nowadays, a contemporary workplace cannot be regarded without being a connected workplace. Many firms today confuse communication and collaboration, failing to see that having one does not immediately imply having the other. While offering communication tools is an important first step, there is no assurance that employees in hyper-connected workplaces will utilize them successfully or at all.

SharePoint is one of the most comprehensive collaborative platforms that offer content management, knowledge sharing, custom application development as well as widgets for businesses to function as unified organizations. With the integration of Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, SharePoint has evolved into a massively transformational platform.
The right SharePoint expert can help you to gain the maximum out of your SharePoint implementation. We at Stridely can assist you in custom development, and migration from legacy SharePoint to other file-sharing platforms to SharePoint Online.

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Our workforce collaboration offerings


SharePoint Customization, Upgradation and Migration

SharePoint development includes the creation of SharePoint solutions and applications, as well as features such 


Document Management

Stridely’s SharePoint services allow you to gain control of your material, with seamless information governance along 


Workflow Automation and Migration

Workflow Automation is the design, implementation, and automation of workflow-based processes in which 

How workforce collaboration enhances workflow for an organization?

Stridely provides an innovative document management and collaboration platform that enables teams to communicate, share, track, and manage all corporate information in one location. It is the ideal tool for teams to get work done without having to rely on a slew of apps and sophisticated software.

  • Higher productivity at lower costs
  • Information Availability
  • Increases Team Interaction
  • Storage and Distribution of Knowledge
  • Eliminate Organizational Silos

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Our team can help you with below customized solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of tailor-made solutions that are developed after thorough research and design phases.

  • Third-party Collaboration tools
  • Custom mobile application through Power App
  • Business Workflows
  • Conversational BOTs through a virtual agent
  • Intranet/Extranet Portals/Power Portal
  • Core Content Management Systems
  • Integration with other systems
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