Internet of Things in Manufacturing Industries

Internet of Things in Manufacturing Industries

We have always wondered how fast technology is growing and so are the industries. What if we can use advanced analytics to evaluate or estimate events before they happened. And what if we can use real-time impactful insights to increase production and help the industries know the right decision to take at any given time?

We just came across these questions and led my curiosity to look for this “what if”. I mean yes we can, Industrial IoT is driving such capabilities enabling unparalleled operational efficiency, productivity, and performance like never seen before. This can actually result in huge impacts in modern manufacturing including increasing efficiency, fostering streamlined maintenance, asset monitoring and more to create a new age of industrial growth and competitiveness.

According to a survey, industries investing in IoT are reporting benefits, including efficient and increased productivity. When exploring more about how industries can be beneficial through IoT, We at Stridely Solutions came across three impactful points that how we can really serve manufacturing industries well.

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Real-time Asset Monitoring

Manufacturing companies can use IoT assets to connect machines and systems together – a paradigm shift that enables real-time asset monitoring. Coupled assets can provide the opportunity to monitor equipment in real-time for reliability, compliance, and safety. Asset monitoring is used in remote manufacturing where sensors can help to track the production processes and send status to the right area. It also offers a platform to manage and control assets for enhanced operation and production; enabling proactive and timely manufacturing decisions.

Stridely solution’s IoT consultants architected IoT solution using Azure IoT platform, which connects devices, monitors and handles billions of data.

Operational Intelligence Connection

Connecting machines or equipment, manufacturers can generate intelligent networks that communicate and coordinate with each other automatically with little involvement of operators. With this, organizations can evaluate and contextualize data from remote manufacturing assets and systems into actionable applications. Thus, providing proactive views into key performance indicators thereby enabling quicker problem identification to improve operational performance. Additionally, through this, companies can now connect to disparate operational data centers and unify them to enable real-time data visibility across assorted manufacturing systems. IoT enabled machinery thus enables connected operational intelligence, which results in real-time insights to manufacturing stakeholders enabling them to remotely manage their factory units.

Prediction of Maintenance Assets

Industries had been spending millions of cost on operational and maintenance. However, if equipment maintenance is done on time to time, it would prevent the break on production processes. And if downtime could be detected before it hits, Manufacturing companies can have a substantial decrease in operational costs. The use of sensors, data analytics, and cameras in IoT allow machines to predict failure before it occurs. Such detection helps create strategic maintenance timelines that can be performed only when needed. Thereby, doing better-planned maintenance processes which helps into huge cost savings, in turn, reducing equipment failure and increasing machine lifetime.

Industrial IoT has the ability to transform manufacturing. We at Stridely Solutions provide intelligent solutions that can take quick & intelligent actions to derive critical-business insights and impactful intelligence for the industries to improve operational efficiency, monitoring and smart solutions to minimize asset failures and prevent operational errors.


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