Xamarin vs Ionic: Cross-platform Mobile Frameworks Comparison

Xamarin vs Ionic: Cross-platform Mobile Frameworks Comparison

When it comes to Mobile Application Development we are always confused, especially choosing the best Mobile App development framework among the competing ones. There are many development frameworks available in the market of which Xamarin and Ionic are the best. Both are powerful & effective frameworks to develop interactive & intuitive mobile applications.

Let’s discuss a quick evaluation of these frameworks in terms of User experience, development speed, architectural pattern, etc., so you can choose the best as per your requirement.

User Experience

If we are talking about Xamarin, it gives the best, fastest and most authentic experience for its users. Xamarin takes a user to next level in terms of user experience among its competitors. Whereas Ionic gives an average user experience. And to sustain in competition, one needs to upgrade Ionic to continue using and be the part of the competition.

Sustains best in Complex Projects

Xamarin is the best framework for long-term projects. If there are many features in an app, Xamarin is the one which can easily maintain it. Whereas, for Ionic, it will be difficult to maintain the complex app as with the number of lines of code.

Major Advantage

Xamarin is C# based which is best suited for .Net developers. The Microsoft advantage is the hit for Xamarin. Ionic is ideally based on JavaScript that is not compiled on code C# or .Net.

64-bit Support

Xamarin supports 64-bit application mode, which can also be compiled to a 32-bit target if required. While in Ionic, it supports 64-bit mode only that too on iOS itself as per the latest update it doesn’t support 64-Bit on Android.

Development Cost

For Xamarin, one needs to pay $1000 per dev(as per requirement) but there is no cost for using Ionic as such. Developers’ flexibility with programming languages is the only need in case of Ionic.

Fast Development

We can say for Xamarin it is a time taking process, where patience is must to debug or test codes. Whereas, Ionic is fast because of ripple emulator. Ionic helps in making your app ready within quick time-period.

Architectural Pattern

Xamarin supports only MVVM pattern as it is Microsoft prejudiced. Ionic on the other hand offers flexibility by supporting MV pattern (MVC+MVP+MVVM) that can be considered as good.

So now deciding on the best framework ultimately depends on an organization. All the frameworks have their own pros and cons. But if you are looking for an app with greater user experience and high quality, then the Xamarin development framework is undoubtedly the best. On the other hand, if you want an app with fewer development costs and time involved, then you can go for the Ionic framework. Now the decision is up to you whether to choose a high-quality framework or a cost-effective platform. Which one would you prefer?

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