Technology has the solution

Technology has the solution

I won’t be very much surprised when I would say this but are we really devoting much of our time, money or energy on our vehicles.

After our houses, a car is the costliest thing where we like to invest our money in and that to which idly decreases as soon as we get them off road from the showroom. No, not just the money but these motors also don’t allow us to breathe fresh air. Yes, I mean by polluting them and at the end of the journey they are with nothing but space we call parking. Let me tell you I’m not forgetting about the benefits too that is transportation but aren’t these problems really a dilemma.

I’m not forgetting the brighter sides of vehicles but still, we can’t even ignore the darker ones which are slowly turning into the darkest. The darkest part holds accidents, traffic, pollution, etc and the list goes on. If I’m not mistaken I had heard from the very known source Internet that almost 3000 to 3500 of us are been killed by every single day of the year.

Future has a solution

I think as we are working for everything around us together we can sort this out. Talking about global challenges like Traffic and pollution, Smart future societies will exploit data and technologies to mitigate the negative impacts of our need for mobility while also making personal transport more convenient and reliable.

We can easily get the indication from the giant ventures like Uber, lyft, and more such mode of transportation on how are they working. The traditional automotive industry, as well as technology companies, are working in a different pattern for transport.

The future is going to be about electric vehicles which mean a lot of data will be rolling out for the communication. Artificial Intelligence will be ready to use data and make them much smarter on how to use. There would be a drastic change in congestion which may take us towards more safety, yes computers don’t get distracted as humans do at least up to a certainty they don’t.

Steps we can take

We really need to understand the current situation, forecasting on what may happen next, contemplating the safety measures for drivers as well as passengers. The key to all is data. We have to embrace the digital technology and the data with that. Understanding not just about the drones and uber but the data system and digital transformation to support more effective traffic management, transport sharing, maintenance, and safety.

When I got to know about the Nanjing City, I mean how beautifully they are managing to cope up with traffic management by Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) worked with SAP on an IoT and Big Data program, developing a next-generation smart traffic system that includes the use of sensors, cameras and radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips to generate continuous data streams about the status of transportation systems across the city.

Real-time data access will actually help the cities to work more on traffic congestion and human mobility. I’m sure we are going to move ahead with flying cars as well, still, we have a much to do with the data and powerful technology tools available to us to improve the experience for commuters and citizens too.


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