Know Everything about Forms Pro Dynamics 365 for Advanced Surveying

Know Everything about Forms Pro Dynamics 365 for Advanced Surveying

 withWondering whether your customers love your product or do they just stalk them? Have you ever considered asking your customers their opinion on your products/services, could be their experience or something they would like to suggest?

Well, if you haven’t yet given a thought about your customer’s opinion, it’s high time that you do the same. Knowing what your customers think about your business is an excellent way to repurpose strategies and boost sales. It also helps in modulating the services or reimagining the products so as to level up your marketing methods.

Having said that, the next question to ponder over is how? How can you talk to your customers directly to know what they want to say? This is where the idea of Forms Pro D365 comes into the picture.

Forms Pro D365: The Advanced Surveying Tool

To begin, Forms Pro Dynamics 365 is an all-new surveying tool released by Microsoft. It is a simple and easy-to-use tool helpful in gathering customer feedback and corresponding views pertaining to a product or a service.

On an enterprise level, it is the modified version of Microsoft Forms that allows business organizations to cumulate customer opinions, analyze them, and use this to make smarter decisions. Forms Pro is powered both by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365. With Dynamics 365 survey tool, organizations can reach out to the customers, take feedbacks from them, run power BI tools to analyze the information, and then make decisions based on the same.

Forms Pro has advanced capabilities to simplify the task of capturing information, analyzing them, and integrating them for data-driven decision-making. Forms Pro D365 work on three steps:

Creation of Survey

Irrespective of what the type of business you run or operate in, survey creation is one of the toughest jobs. This could possibly be due to the fact that survey creation involves an array of steps with the most important one being that of finding relevant questions and adding them to the set. Even if you are using a tool to build online surveys, it requires you to enter the information and then generate the survey. Apparently, similar is not the case with Forms Pro D365.

As an advanced level surveying tool, it has a set of built-in templates that can be used to create the survey. The templates that are part of the tool are business-specific and has all of the basic questionnaires. Integrating your business with the tool, you can simply extract the template to create the survey. What fascinating here is that you can effectively customize the template to add or remove questions. Also, the tool allows you to make changes to the font, color, and other visuals of the survey so as to make it brand-driven.

With Forms Pro D365, you can also add a response message once the customer has completed the survey to make it more personalized.

Distribution of Surveys

Once the survey has been created, the next step is to distribute them. You cannot simply share it across any platforms. While Dynamics 365 does give the ease to share the survey across multiple channels, it is limited to five different ways.

  • Webpage: The first way that you can share the survey is by embedding the link of the survey on your web page. Once you have created the survey, the page would display a shareable link that you can embed in the page
  • QR Code: The next way to share the survey is by generating a QR code of the same. The page will have an option that will allow you to create the QR code. This code can be used by the recipients so that they can scan the same on respective devices. Once the code has been scanned, it would open the page and all of the details entered would be saved in the master database.
  • Email: One-click sharing through the e-mail. Click on the option that says Send via email. This will take you to the mailbox where you can enter the information of the recipients and share the survey with them.
  • Through Business: With Forms Pro, you can also set a custom-designed business trigger. This will help you to channelize the survey forms through Power Automate which would be directly sent to the desired user.
  • Direct Link: You can simply create a shareable link to copy and paste at all places you want.

Response Analysis

The last and the most important step performed by the Forms Pro tool is analyzing the response. Apparently, the whole point of creating surveys, and sending them to the customers is to get feedback that can then be used by the organization to make informed decisions. And response analysis is the process that facilitates the above.

As and when responses are fed into the system, it is automatically analyzed and then created in the form of graphs and charts. This makes the entire process of understanding user behavior easier and better. The data analysts study the graph to come up with insights. This is used by the team to get a holistic view of the buyer’s sentiments and base their next decisions on the same. Informed decision making has proven to increase the satisfaction rate of the customers while improving business success and productivity.


Forms Pro is an excellent tool when it comes to conducting quizzes, surveys or simply gaining feedback from the customer. The tool works flawlessly with Office 365 and Dynamics 365. In case you are looking for an organization that will help you integrate the tool within the line of business operations, you are in the right place.

We at Stridely Solutions are a certified Microsoft Partner and have proven experience in integrating Microsoft solutions. with it our team of experts and skilled professionals that work tirelessly to help business organizations improve their end-user experience. We are passionate about modern-age technology and hence have implemented the same in our list of services.


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