Latest CRM Trends

Latest CRM Trends

IT industry is like an engine for the companies as helping them to grow. To make it more effective customer relationship management CRM is playing an essential role. Implementing CRM plays a major role with many benefits. It’s all about the technology dealing with newest version of enhancing customer relationships.

CRM industry has constantly changed a lot over the past decade. Privacy and Security are the most conferenced part, making cloud services more standard. Microsoft and Salesforce being the giant vendor for CRM are investing more into artificial intelligence. Sales and Marketing are been automated.

Let’s have a quick look over the latest trend in CRM technology and how they are impacting overall business.

1)Built in Machine learning

Earlier Machine learning to CRM was been difficult to achieve, the process for organizations was difficult. To do this traditionally if you want machine learning, you need someone expertise or developers for this solution. Apart this, you also need to build and maintain integration between CRM system and an external machine learning service.

But now scenario is totally different, machine learning is now built directly into CRM products. There are lot of use cases applying machine learning to CRM. Due to the help of these use cases different products and various recommendations, still industry adoption is slow so far.

The giant CRM vendors like Microsoft and Oracle are adding various resources for machine learning capabilities to their offering. It’s give a better prediction that is been well used.

2) CRM into Operations

Many industries have started expanding their scope for CRM system for sales, marketing and other business things. This expansion is not limited there are lot of more to come and so operations and customer service is the new expansion.

Various industries like airlines, they are exploring many ways to improve customer service with CRM integration. Hence there are many such industries who are enhancing it into operations.

Even in airlines CRM combines with operations data like flight delay, updates, numbers and various activity. With these help it’s easy to help customer with most efficient way.

Even IoT(Internet of things) is also contributing in this CRM trend. Necessary notifications are to be sent about any service problems, this integration is going to help the industries to reach out customers actively.

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3)Customer experience is the key

There is lot of review when industries are being asked why they have CRM and there is lot of answers. Some will say for monitoring and reporting, some for automation and few for business growth. The art which is been missing majorly is the Relationship, relationship is the key for sustainable business.

Customer experience plays a major role in any business. It’s not just about the figures but emotions or let’s say empathy. With great customer experience you earn a great sustainability. Still major industries are missing this important part. You really need to get boarder view with providing them a great customer experience. A boarder view with a different strategy.

These are few major looks that how CRM is trending the market. So, what are you waiting for let’s get into it.


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