Do you really understand Cloud Storage?

Do you really understand Cloud Storage?

What does it come when you listen this word? Do you really understand what it can do? I think everyone has a different perception about this? Let me just show what exactly it is!

Storage, this word comes every day in our life at least for most of us, does it hit you of Dropbox, but now it’s the time to think beyond it. For many of professional’s cloud storage is just an online backup and I think that was the biggest concern getting our data backed up for any mis handling of important data. Okay, so there are many huge cloud service providers that gives you an effective free storage to upload your data and save it for future. But it does not only go this way but restoring has some cost!

Cloud storage is now more than just a storage. There are interesting ways to deploy it on premise, there are new impressive models that come up with it. Now there are various ways to deploy cloud storage replacing some others, it’s all performance oriented.

As I said now cloud storage is more than just a storage, there are ways cloud storage can help with GDPR. All the compliance you need to do for data governance and management is been done efficiently. It makes much easier with a single data store or central. It’s easier to acquire and run it on premises.

Many major cloud platform providers already knew this, like box and Dropbox. Such as them the other cloud providers knew about leveraging cloud-based data management for GDPR.

There are few things like as cloud storage is object-based by its nature. One is hybrid cloud with on-site element that deals with latency and bandwith issues. There are more ways to deploy the blocks or files to support the applications. Though being object-based cloud apps, most current apps are file-oriented.

As with everything changing is so our data which is also becoming virtual. Metadata playing its part provides a view onto your data cloud that looks like a backup. These different set of metadata provides a searchable archive another view for self-service file retrieval and one to support GDPR. You really do not need to think for different systems whether real or virtual. Of course, thesystem knows where the data really is, with necessary security in data-centric ways or application-centric.

This is being an simplification or the picture for cloud today, I don’t know how you would have figured it out but it’s really different. The cloud storage isn’t what many of you think or even it might not be just cloud. I mean in many ways we can consider it as virtual-yet-consolidated or being local yet remote. All the above mentioned points would may give you a many different thoughts on cloud storage, not less than more you might have something, do you really got something other than this, please share your thoughts or write us down.


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