Myths About Digital Transformations

Myths About Digital Transformations

Digital Transformations is not just the change, but I would like to say different perceptions. The promised result is the expectation of all the organizations in the path of innovation, profits and processes. Hence there are variations about digital transformations from different perspectives. Reading across and discussing it among our colleagues and few sources I had tried to discriminate few facts and the myths about digital transformation. Again, this is an amalgamation of different ideas and thoughts which I would like to put it down in few points and maybe we’ll get into a different conception apart misconception.

Myth-1 Is it only for Software companies!

Digital transformations are not only for Software and technology companies, but every industry needs to understand their process and then look after how it is required. I would say Digital Transformation not limited to any of industry but is an unlimited resource for better productivity in terms of everything.

If you have an impression that just by investing billions of dollars or I would say your organization really doesn’t need to be a hot startup to embrace the transformation. This is all about the understanding of your business process and implementing it in a proper time. Let’s talk about the Hotel industry the way they shifted themselves with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) now using as keys for hotel rooms and cards for payment. Not only the RFID is successful in Hotel industry but yes in many manufacturing sectors in various ways.

The investment can be costly for different segments, but it is affordable for others as well. I mean if you are planning for real estate, SAP already have many things to align and integrate for the better productivity.

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Myth 2: We have time still!

Technology is increasing rapidly, and it’s not hidden anywhere. This means you might be planning for something new and the competitors have accelerated themselves with the latest. The road of get into transformation means keep going. And as in the coming time the implementing is going to more complex and costly. So, I think with time industries should get into this adaptation.

There are many industries which have to understand the dynamics of digitalization and get involve with it. Though technology has a great history but digital is going to be the legacy.

Myth 3: Would just upgrading technologies would work!

Digital transformation is not just about upgrading technologies, I mean if you are having a picture that if your company is upgrading their technology and they are done with digital transformation that you are mistaken.

For a better productivity and insight organization have to look with the company-side as well as employee-side for the transformation. Organization should have a clear vision with some strong details that would make them run for a long-term plan.

The management should take an accountability for this sustain transformation, look into better ideas and a board vision for the organization and I think this could be the way that transformation would go without any fallacy or misconceptions.

These are just few major concern which should be considered and a better way to go with Digital Transformation.


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