Rehost, Replatform, and Refactor – Which Application Migration Strategy to Choose and When?

Rehost, Replatform, and Refactor – Which Application Migration Strategy to Choose and When?

Planning to move your siloed infrastructure to the cloud might definitely be the right decision. But are you aware of what exactly cloud transformation means and what are the different ways you can move your system to the cloud? To rephrase, do you know which strategy is best for your business?

Not sure?

Don’t worry! This article has all you need to know about application migration, followed by the strategies that help in the same. We also highlight the reasons why one would be better than the other given a particular situation. Without much ado, let’s get started!

What is Application Migration?

In simple terms, Application Migration is the transfer of software applications from one infrastructure to the other. Or to put it this way, application migration is the process of moving all of the enterprise applications from the on-premise architecture to the cloud. What’s important to note here is that the destination environment could be anything from a private cloud, public cloud, or a hybrid environment.

Having said that, one thing that intrigues most of the leaders is whether they actually need such a thing? Considering that their business is working well with decent performance, why would one undergo the pain of transforming their infrastructure, moving to the cloud?

To answer the above, one must take into consideration the rising importance of remote access. With technological advancements increasing by leaps and bounds, organizations are compelled to not just keep an eye on them but also find one that would benefit their organization. One of these is cloud migration.

Where the traditional infrastructure seems good, it has its limitations which tend to disrupt the functioning and performance of the organization. For one, employees must be present within the office premises to access the system and work. Since every data is stored in the local storage, sharing and accessing them becomes a hassle. Not to forget the time and money spent on hosting an on-premise architecture.

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Cloud infrastructure, on the other hand, can be accessed over the web. Not only the applications but also the data associated with them are hosted online. Meaning that employees can access them as and when they want. This makes your business running no matter what time of day it is or where you are.

Sounds good?

Now that you might be convinced on how application migration benefits your business, here are three different strategies to know and decide before making the move?

Application Migration: Strategies that streamline the process


Not sure which of these would be best for your business? Get in touch with Stridely Solutions. We are a leader in the cloud migration space and have worked with multiple businesses helping them with the migration process. Whether you are a small venture or a huge enterprise, our experts provide business-driven and need-specific solutions to all.



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