SAP DWC: The Future of Data Warehousing

SAP DWC: The Future of Data Warehousing

With Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC), SAP provides a cloud-based solution which integrates data from various sources and provide stand-alone data management solution for developing rich analytical applications. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud combines prevailing data management competences with the superior advanced analytics. It helps organizations to make secure and confident decisions with fast and agile implementation using standard business contents.

SAP DWC is an enterprise-ready data
warehouse that brings Business and IT together.


Features of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

  • Flexible Integration:

    SAP DWC can be easily integrated with existing solutions as well as third party analytics tools supporting both cloud and on-premise systems.

  • Scalable:

    Pay-as-per-use service. Easily scale infrastructure up and down as per need and usage. Start with small infrastructure and scale big whenever you want.

  • Real Time:

    SAP DWC leverages in memory functionality of SAP HANA to get instant access of data. Additionally, it helps to reduce processing time and get powerful analysis whenever you need.

  • Easy Collaboration:

    Virtual Workspaces provide users a collaborative platform which brings data model and system connections in one secured place.

  • Open Environment:

    Connect to any data analytics and visualization tools of your choice. Provides Graphical as well as SQL scripting functionally for Data Modeling.

  • Prebuilt Standard Templates:

    Ready to use pre-installed industry specific business content and assets for accelerated analytics.

  • Improved Security and Governance:

    SAP DWC Provides built in functions for data security, governance and auditing. It offers ready to use, role-based authorization check and encryption functionalities.

  • Simplified System Management:

    Easy and quick system connection set up, simple configuration and graphical analytics for disc space utilization, CPU usage and memory usage.

  • Advanced Analytics:

    SAP DWC closely linked with SAP Analytics Cloud which helps to create complex data models and visualize data to discover new insights.

  • Integrated Capabilities:

    Machine learning and artificial intelligence built in functions help users to get deep and instant insights.

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BW4HANA is a strategic solution of SAP for on-premise and cloud-based data warehousing solution while SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC) is the strategic public cloud product offered as a data warehouse-as-a-service by SAP.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud works synergistically with your existing on-premise solutions like SAP BW4HANA, SAP HANA or SAP S4HANA and provides a simple & cost-efficient way to use cloud computing. SAP DWC will not replace SAP SQL DW or SAP BW4HANA but you can extend your existing data warehouse solution to cloud and leverage the features of SAP DWC with advanced analytics.

SAP BW/4HANA can be the initial point for a gradual conversion from on-prem data warehouse to SAP DWC. Additionally, Hybrid scenario helps to leverage the functionality of both the worlds without compromising on existing investments. It will help to get broader insights by enhancing existing data from on-premise systems SAP BW4HANA or SAP SQL DW with cloud data.


(*Source – SAP)


SAP DWC will be more of a distributed analytical options or architectures in which SAP BW4HANA will remain as data warehousing solution and SAP DWC will be great addition to it. It will not replace any on-premise solution, but it will be the extension of SAP’s Analytical Portfolio.

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