RPA is like the Band-aid Feature for the Future

RPA is like the Band-aid Feature for the Future

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is undoubtedly the future for every enterprise. The beauty is how every technology is emerging themselves with this process. According to the TechED 2018 event held in Barcelona last year, SAP has announced that they are going to add RPA to their software suite. The most interesting part they included about adding RPA was that they have chosen to build their own RPA capability instead of associating with any of product vendor.

This announcement was interesting by SAP of choosing their own capabilities. The product they represented at the TechED was with a great runtime environment, monitoring process, analytics, audit trails and other functional elements as a great platform. It also evolves machine learning platform and integration with SAP.

Another interesting and fascinating part was their vision of automation. SAP has a different vision for implementing automation, unlike other RPA products. SAP is focusing on native API-based integration. Thus, the walls for the garden are too high as for now SAP’s version of RPA will be limited to SAP. They may begin with S/4HANA and then, later on, moving ahead with Concur, Success factor, etc. Thus, in their announcement, there were many things to come yet which will be planned accordingly.

The momentum for Robotic process automation is an all-time high, the acceleration is at the speed. RPA is on fire, people have already started investing in the process by millions of dollars. The investment was with a high figure in 2018 and it will go on with this year as well. The prediction for the coming years is that every major industry would approach for the automation that would involve RPA. RPA has a broad view for the future with great insight for every enterprise.

RPA has so much to give us, it would be the healing for all those issues which were nightmares for the automation once. We can say RPA is a Band-Aid putting everything together in this modern workplace. RPA has got what all the businesses need. It is going to decrease the inefficiency and increase the efficiency; this transformation can help them to focus on more about what they care.

RPA has already started touching the larger enterprise suites as we saw SAP but like SAP even Oracle is also interested in the flavor. Every major industry is taking interest and looking forward to getting involved. Oracle and SAP have planned towards RPA while SAP has shown the broad view with its product suite.

Thus, the journey to RPA is never ending process because with the time we need to expand and so will the technology. Enterprises demand would never be limited and this unlimited need to be resolved every time with a solution. RPA is an opportunistic approach which has a broad vision for the future. The automation has yet to come with many things that enterprises might need in future and cover up the entire broad spectrum.


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