Why you can choose Azure over AWS?

Why you can choose Azure over AWS?

Clouds have always been wonderful, whether clouds above us or the cloud technology. Here we will talk about cloud technology and when we hear the word cloud technology Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure comes in our mind as the leading cloud service provider. Not to forget they are on the Gartner’s Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). AWS is the old player which was launched back in 2006 whereas Microsoft Azure came around 2010. Though there are a lot of points where they are always compared but Microsoft has advanced Azure over the years with amazing features and capabilities to exceed its competitors.

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These are some major points where Azure comes over AWS.

.Net Compatibility

The .Net programming language is been preferred by many enterprises which mainly use .Net based apps. Azure’s compatibility is excellent with .Net language which is the major benefit which indirectly gives Microsoft a clear way path above AWS. Azure is been structured in such a way that supports working both old and new applications using the framework. It becomes easier for organizations to switch their windows app to Azure cloud. As there are many organizations using .Net based apps so azure becomes the best choice to choose.

Security Concern

Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) is a leading industrial assurance process, Azure has been designed based on the SDL process. European Union’s data protection has approved Microsoft, as they were the first cloud vendor to be approved. Azure comprises security and private data that stays protected and secured on Azure cloud. Microsoft was also the first to embrace new international standard for Cloud privacy. As Microsoft assures about the security concern and all operations on Azure cloud.

PaaS Capabilities

AWS and Azure both have similar capabilities for IaaS, for any virtual machines, storage, and networking. When it comes to PaaS capabilities, Azure provides the stronger which is an important aspect for cloud infrastructure today. MS Azure PaaS provides application developers with environment, tools and building blocks that they can easily build and deploy to new cloud services. The Azure PaaS helps with lot of infrastructure management which is been supported by Microsoft. It provides a vital “DevOps” connection which is very helpful with monitoring, managing and making the app better. Thus, Azure PaaS have the capabilities that lead the organization to innovation.

Integrated Environment

Azure gives us a fabulous integrated environment for developing, deploying and testing Cloud apps. Clients can easily choose the framework they wish with open development languages. It also provides flexibility for Azure migration. Thus, services like mobile, web, APIs and templates can easily be used to develop Azure app. Azure PaaS having extensive capabilities brings apps, data, and devices together as on both on-premises and Cloud as well. Its flexible toolset helps to solve the integration problems or needs, from on-premises to coordination with other things

Though there are still much where Azure is coming over AWS and the enterprises need to look over it. It’s just not about choosing Azure over AWS or AWS over Azure but choosing the real cloud service as per your requirement.


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