SAP Cloud Platform: Everything that your Enterprise must know

SAP Cloud Platform: Everything that your Enterprise must know

To begin with, SAP Cloud Platform is a leading platform, crafted as a service for building brand-new applications in a secure cloud computing environment by SAP. Moreover, it is also a platform for propagating existing applications managed by SAP. So, the SAP Cloud Platform merges seamless business procedures and data.

However, SAP changed its ERP software strategy with the advent of SAP S/4HANA and SAP HANA database in the early 2010s. In 2016, after the release of the SAP S/4HANA cloud, the entire SAP HANA cloud platform was transformed to SAP Cloud Platform in 2017. So, the article will let you know everything that your enterprise shouldn’t miss out on! Let’s get started!

What are the SAP Cloud Platform licensing models?

It is available mainly in two commercial models, which are consumption-based and subscription-based. According to SAP, these two crucial options allow organizations a flexible way to match SAP Cloud Platform services with the company’s needs.

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Under this premium subscription model, customers can get quick access to SCP services for a specific range of time and a fixed price. Here, enterprises can utilize as many of the services as they need. Therefore, the model allows companies to safeguard their exclusive IT investments with known costs considering they are subscribed to the service.

On the other hand, under this central consumption model, clients can purchase SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) services via credits and utilize them to understand their fitness. However, such a significant setup enables organizations to inaugurate and scale up development projects instantaneously whenever the business requirements have changed.

Those SCP credits are generally paid for upfront, and an entire cloud credit balance is sustained for the usage of all premium services.

Establishing SAP HANA Cloud from the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit

In order to start establishing your SCP account, you will have to get started with the SCP cockpit. No idea of what it is? Let us tell.

What is SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit?

The SCP Cockpit is a premium web-based interface, mainly used to work with the major SAP cloud applications, e.g. HANA Cloud. Now, you can effectively operate your SCP account and build quick instances whenever required.

Your organizational account on SCP is your global account. So, if you are the SAP admin of your enterprise, you will get complete control over your account and also be capable of creating spaces, subaccounts, and leading instances.

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In brief, if that global account represents your whole company, the sub-accounts might be those specified departments and also the geographical locations. However, it will solely depend on the company’s internal structure.

SAP Cloud Solutions

SAP has implemented two bifurcated strategies to develop its suite of cloud solutions. While others have been incorporated into its portfolio via a belligerent acquisitions strategy, it has diligently created specific in-house solutions.

●  SAP Ariba

It is a comprehensive collection of major applications that operate several procurement activities. These include contact and invoice management, supplier collaboration, and spend assessment. However, it was previously launched as an internet-based procurement tool in 2012, independent of SAP.

●  SAP Concur

It is one of the best travel and expenditure management tools that employees can use to book business travel effectively. So, your enterprise can get paid back for those incurred expenses and non-compensation-oriented finances.

●  SAP Customer Experience

SAP’s extraordinary customer experience is the best suite of solutions, which contains five exclusive cloud applications. These are SAP service cloud, SAP commerce cloud, SAP marketing cloud, SAP customer data cloud, and SAP sales cloud.

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Additional Definitions of SAP Cloud Platforms

According to the information mentioned earlier, there are many crucial SAP Cloud Platforms terms you must be aware of! Here, these are listed below:

●  On-premise

It means installing an outstanding SAP solution, which is physically introduced at the customer’s property. However, this is a complete opposite of a cloud solution.

●  SAP API Management

It is an entire lifecycle application programming interface (API) platform previously identified as SAP Cloud Platform API Management.

●  Hybrid deployment

The SAP solution installation consists of both cloud elements and on-premise elements. Moreover, it is referred to as a prominent “two-tier architecture.”

●  SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management

SAP uses one of the best administrative tools for their customers, harnessing cloud solutions to safeguard their solutions secured and up-to-date.

SAP Cloud Platform services and capabilities

The premium SAP Cloud Platform services offer a wide array of capabilities and services. SAP listed a total of 19 capabilities in August month of 2018. All these fall under data-oriented analytics, services, user-based activities, developing technologies, and application deployment and development. However, the significant competencies include the following:

  • Mobile that allows mobile app development.
  • Analytics enable you to incorporate modern analytics into applications for authentic results.
  • User experience, which allows enterprises to develop customized and hassle-free user interactions.
  • DevOps helps facilitate application operations and development.
  • The integration lets you combine cloud applications and on-premise applications.

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SAP Cloud Platform is one of SAP’s creative cloud deployment and development platforms operating on several cloud infrastructure providers. Moreover, SAP API Management allows companies to reveal their information and procedures as extraordinary application programming interfaces (APIs).

This premium solution again aids in operating such APIs based on lifecycle and governance. On the other hand, this superior multi-cloud foundation upholds environments, for example, ABAP, Cloud Foundry, and Kyma, along with the multitude of diverse regions and distinction of choices of programming languages.

In brief, SCP is a top-notch platform that allows partners and customers to propagate their existing applications, hence creating those practical applications that can deliver elevating competencies.

If your enterprise is thinking to add it to the IT infrastructure of the organization, it is indeed a wise move. However, make sure to hire SAP Cloud experts to leverage the most out of it.


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