A New Year Welcomes a New Beginning – Stridely Solutions Step In a New Phase

A New Year Welcomes a New Beginning – Stridely Solutions Step In a New Phase

Summer is at its high. The weather seems not to be pleasant to all but the month definitely rings a bell for Stridely Solutions. Even when most of the things are at high and dry, Stridely Solutions took a step ahead as it announced the opening of its 6th office and the 3rd development center worldwide. What a moment it was!

Starting a business is one, but running it and that to successfully takes hell lot of efforts and that is the reason we are here today.

Expansion Is the New Normal

Weaving efforts to etch glory and success – Stridely Solutions are growing exponentially. The fact that we have been in the industry for long, has helped us analyze and keep track of the industrial trends. You might consider the need to expand or contrarily, the urge to channelize, once again, Stridely Solutions is on the upfront with its new office at Baroda.

The official capacity is nearly 3500 sq ft, large enough to accommodate the team. The prime location of the office is of the OP Road, a high-end corporate area which is well connected with all transport means. The office is elegantly designed with spectacular space and environment-friendly surroundings. As you enter, you would be taken aback with the view. Strolling across you would spot the conference room and a few meeting rooms. Also, the company adheres to our employees’ needs and so included a refreshment area for employees to sit back and relax.

The new office has a totally different appeal and is tailored to be the voice of change, one that has the potential to steer growth both of the company and the employees within.

Annual Day Celebration

The month has had more than just the official opening as it was the birth month of Stridely Solutions. This called for a grand event held as part of the Annual Day Celebration. The entire team collaborated to make the event worth remembering.

The top performers were facilitated with a speech given by the company head. It is an excellent way to coordinate and abide by the goals of the company. Though it was a corporate event at Stridely Solutions, employees are treated like family and all were free to stand up and share views on the company, its future prospects and much more.

No one at Stridely Solutions is treated small or competent. We believe that each employee has unique potential and so to honor the same helps each individual to grow.

Sure the month has come to an end but the enthusiasm in all keeps growing and for the good.


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