June Brings Along a New Office in Brampton

June Brings Along a New Office in Brampton

Stepping ahead, going beyond the hurdles and connecting the talents- This is what the offshore industry has been witnessing since months. The one tail added to this legacy is Stridely Solutions. Yes, we’ve got a new office. Where the month of May ended pretty well, with our new office at Baroda, June seems to be pacing even higher.

Brampton Has Its Branch

USA, Baroda, Ahemdabad and this time, it is Canada. Truly, the company is in no mood to look back. The first day of the month, we are at 75 Lightcatcher Circle Brampton, ON, L6P3P4, Canada. And why?

We have a new office being opened here. Cheers and applauds! The company is one the journey to spread its wings and not stop. A grand party followed the opening ceremony to cherish the new line of success. Every joinee appeared to be as cheerful as the other and why not, Stridely Solutions has been growing in leaps and bounds and to be part of such a company with skyrocketing history, is great in itself.

Seeing this the month turned even more joyous. Employees are the drivers of our business and if a company manages to keep our employees happy, we can rest assured. A happy employee equalizes a happy customer and likewise, a better business growth.

Adding Petals to Our Family Tree

Opening a new office was a wonderful moment for all but this happiness doubled itself when the company started recruiting and hiring the most curious minds to be part of the company.

After a series of interviews and outcasting tons of applications, the team grew to more than 200 employees and all of this done with half of the month still counting. Truly it was tough for the recruiters to cut short applicants before finally staging the best ones. However, it was pretty good to see such an overwhelming response from people across the globe. The company is in its growth phase and witnessing such responses felt good.

Even the Baroda branch that was opened last month received a huge footfall of applicants wishing to be part of the firm. Within 10 days, the HR team recruited 20 employees solely for the Baroda branch. The industry is growing and so is Stridely Solutions. We welcome talent and embrace with warm hearts. Youth are the future of the industry and we acknowledge the same.

The rest of the month followed training the new joiners, making us feel comfortable, get adjusted in the new environment and align ourselves with the work culture followed in Stridely Solutions. Our growth is the growth of the company and Stridely Solutions plan to not win but let the employees help us win.


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