Stridely Solutions expands its operations in Kenya.

Stridely Solutions expands its operations in Kenya.

Followed by the monsoon rains, the month of Independence brought excellent opportunities and success for the entire team of Stridely Solutions. We believe in spreading across all regions but staying true to our business solutions.

The Color of Unity

Rightfully said – United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

Yes, that’s what we at Stridely Solutions believe in. We all nerve together to make the dream come true. No wonder the employees work for their own interest but the prime aim still stands to be the organizational benefit. Stridely Solutions geared up with few of the most exciting projects in August.

The first and foremost thing that steered the growth of the organization was entering Kenya. Till date, this has been one of the most exciting expansion as not all manage to be successful in the outsourcing industry. We were warmly welcomed in the country and the entire team considered it to be the moment of proud.

Following the announcement of the Kenyan expansion, we acquired a big project that dealt with a series of technology deployment and migration services. Though it seemed to be comprehensively tough, our team took the initiative to help the client attain all of the desired services.

SAP S/4 HANA Implementation

The first job was to implement SAP S/4 HANA implementation in the existing infrastructure of the client’s business. It took extensive planning prior to integrating and successfully implementing the model of SAP HANA.

IoT App Development

The team worked on a project that involved the integration of IoT and builds a highly connected application. The client had a series of requirements and wanted the application to steer growth. However, cutting the issues the team managed to deliver the application as desired.

Dynamics CRM and Distributor management

Stridely Solutions has an extensive knowledge over CRM solutions and after acquiring the project, we looked beyond the obstacles to blend in the desired technology and automate most of the manual task done in distribution management and customer relationship management.

Business Intelligence services

Stridely Solutions helped clientele reach to the next level of decision making by providing expert-level Business Intelligence services. From studying data to forecasting, analyzing trends and planning the budget, we helped our clients get leverage over their competitors by being part of intelligent decision making.Back to back projects kept all at Stridely Solutions stacked up with work. We are continuously in the process of growing and it is because of our employees that we managed to adhere to strict timelines. Surely, the month definitely infused a kick in all the employees with each staying in the upfront to work and render the desired services.


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