Stridely Solutions Appointed as Official Reselling and Service Partner for Security Weaver

Stridely Solutions Appointed as Official Reselling and Service Partner for Security Weaver

Adding another feather to its glorious cap, Stridely Solutions is proud to announce its association with Security Weaver- a global GRC solutions provider for SAP users. Security Weaver has appointed Stridely as its official reselling and service partner for the Indian subcontinent, expanding the scope of operations, phenomenally.

“This is a great moment for our company and we will continue to strive for the highest level of client satisfaction by providing end-to-end Security Weaver solutions to a dynamic clientele,” -Management Desk, Stridely Solutions

Security Weaver provides modular solutions for governance, risk and compliance management to companies using SAP systems. The solutions help companies in meeting global compliances outlined by HIPAA, SOX, DoD, and several other international authorities.

Being an authorized reselling and service partner, Stridely Solutions will provide continuous and comprehensive support to organizations leveraging Security Weaver solutions to comply with global norms. With an in-house team of security & process experts, Stridely Solutions would assist organizations in risk mitigation by bridging compliance gaps and ensuring operational integrity.

Through the authorized appointment and association, Stridely Solutions has strengthened its portfolio as an end-to-end provider for SAP-related compliance and risk mitigation solutions and give global organizations an edge over their competitors.

The official appointment by Security Weaver has elevated Stridely’s stature in a competitive compliance management and technology ecosystem. The company will continue to delight its clients through exemplary service support and useful insights to make processes more secure and push towards digital transformation.


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