Stridely is proud to claim its Microsoft Gold Partner Accreditation

Stridely is proud to claim its Microsoft Gold Partner Accreditation

Adding another feature to its crown, Stridely Solutions has been recognized as a Gold Partner by Microsoft . Gold Partner status has made Stridely Solutions enter the coveted league of top 1% of Microsoft elite partners who have consistently offered remarkable solutions to global businesses.

Data Analytics, being one of the competencies under Gold Partnership, means that Stridely’s capabilities around delivering data analytics solutions has been recognized by Microsoft and it mainly includes integrated solution around Power BI, Data Warehousing and Data modelling, Microsoft Azure, Azure Data Factory, Azure Machine Learning and Microsoft HD Insight.

“We have always been committed to achieving high levels of customer satisfaction by leveraging modern technologies for solving modern business problems. Microsoft recognized our caliber and has approved our Gold Partner status, enhancing our value proposition for our clients,”   informed, CEO of Stridely Solutions on this occasion.

Gold Partner status reflects Stridely’s capability and expertise in harnessing Microsoft solutions for promoting data-driven decision making and implementing digital transformation at enterprise-wide practices, more effectively and efficiently.

The enterprise technology services wing of Stridely Solutions has always been at the forefront of innovation and helped organizations lead the change by implementing solutions to improve efficiencies, reduce operational costs and take an edge over competitors. With the coveted achievement, Stridely Solutions will be better equipped to serve its client base that spans over 18 countries around the globe.


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