Announcement – Stridely Solution is now Great Place to Work-Certified™!

Announcement – Stridely Solution is now Great Place to Work-Certified™!

Stridely Solutions, a global leader of digital services and solutions, has been awarded the renowned Great Place to Work® Certification in India for the period November 2022 to November 2023. This certification is issued by Great Place to Work® Institute. Stridely is honored to be acknowledged as the Great Place to Work-Certified™ for the first time. We will definitely work hard to be the consecutive receiver of this honor.

The Great Place to Work® Certification is given to enterprises who have best-in-class human resource practices and deliver exceptional employee experiences. The evaluation is based on the Great Place to Work® Model developed by the Great Place to Work® Institute, which comprises the Trust Index© Survey and the Cultural Audit©, with a minimum of 70% favorable answers required for the survey.

Great Place to Work® used the rigorous Great Place to Work® Trust Index Employee Survey to assess employee views among Stridely employees. According to the Great Place to Work® Institute’s evaluation, Stridely scored exceptionally high on criteria such as High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™ – Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride, and Camaraderie.

Stridely received the highest score in ‘Pride,’ one of the survey’s five main categories, indicating an employee’s pride in their job, team or work group, and firm. This was followed by ‘Respect for People,’ which represents how an employee feels appreciated by the levels of support, collaboration, and caring demonstrated by management action. Stridely also performed exceptionally well on the aspects of ‘Credibility of Management,’ ‘Camaraderie among People,’ and ‘Fairness at Workplace.’

Upon being bestowed on such credible certification; Mr.Kunal Shah, CEO of Stridely Solutions said,  “We take pride in establishing a culture that respects, supports, and encourages people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and points of view – and our fundamental corporate values of openness, determination, individuality, and cooperation are critical to developing an inclusive work environment. We also completely encourage and accept our workers’ option to work wherever it is most convenient for them, thus every individual is remote or hybrid eligible.” We believe in allowing our people and teams to establish the optimal work environment for them and then trusting them to accomplish what they do best.”

Stridely has been Great Place to Work-Certified™ in India from November 2022-November 2023.
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About Great Place to Work®

Great Place to Work® is a renowned global authority for workplace ethics and culture. They have polled over 100 million employees globally since 1992 and utilized their deep insights to identify what makes a successful workplace: trust. Their employee survey platform provides executives with the input, real-time reporting, and insights they require to make effective human resource choices. For more than three decades, the Institute has done pioneering research on the characteristics of outstanding workplaces for corporations, non-profits, and government organizations in over 60 countries.

In India, the institution works with over 1100 businesses across 22 sectors each year to help them establish High-Trust, High-Performance Cultures™ that produce long-term commercial success. Hundreds of India Inc. CEOs and CXOs are members of the great place community, which is dedicated to making India a wonderful place to work FOR ALLTM. According to the Institute’s research, outstanding workplaces are distinguished by resilient leadership, a dependable employee experience, and long-term economic values. These businesses are capable of providing a consistent experience to all of its employees, regardless of their function, gender, tenure, or level. Their leaders believe in the objective of developing and preserving a Great Place to Work FOR ALL, and they serve as role models as ‘FOR ALL’ leaders.


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