Canada office has moved to its new location

Canada office has moved to its new location

We are excited to announce that our Canada office has moved to a new location in Cambridge, Ontario.

We spent the previous two years at Brampton — our old office served us well, and we made great memories there, but we couldn’t be more excited about our new space.

Our new office is significantly larger, and it gives us a greatly improved working space. The new office features new cozy space, improved working environment, more offices and meeting rooms for our employees.

Stridely continues to grow and as a natural step of that growth we needed more space. Naturally, our new office will house our development team helping enterprises integrate technology-rich solutions within their line of business operations.

Moreover, the new location will allow to provide services to our clients looking to leverage our capabilities helping them enhancing their business more effectively. On the path to innovation our new office will also be equipped with modern infrastructure that would help our professionals

This expansion will allow us to deliver an even more convenient service to our consumers in Canada, as well as providing our employees with an opportunity to work in a very coveted, easily accessible location.

Employees are the drivers of our business and if a company manages to keep our employees happy, we can rest assured. A happy employee equalizes a happy customer and likewise, a better business growth.

Change like this happens very often, but this incredible move of “New Office, New Chapter, and New Address” is better, spacious, indeed comfortable, and welcoming.

Our new address is: 205–766, Old Hespeler Road,

Ontario-N3H4R7 We expect to continue offering the best-in-class services and keep up with the good work. Committed towards quality and efficiency, we pledge to stick to our basics and serve our clients to the best of our capabilities.


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